SmartTrack software license management tool

SmartTrack Software License Management

The strategic solution for managing your software licenses

SmartTrack Platform for Software License Management

Aspera SmartTrack is the strategic solution for managing your software licenses.
The platform covers all the important vendors like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Amazon and accurately calculates complex metrics for servers, cloud, clients, and mobile.

For almost two decades, SmartTrack has optimized software licenses and found up to 30% savings for large enterprises.

Instantly know the licenses you need

Every product in SmartTrack is linked to a specific metric engine, which calculates the licenses needed for the individual usage situation. Our Metric Engine technology handles all the complex calculations, so you know exactly the licenses you need. With this approach, SmartTrack ensures that your licenses are always applied accurately.

SmartTrack’s engines are always up-to-date and in control. They follow each vendor’s specific metric rules, including virtualization, processor technology, and hardware configurations. And the Aspera team updates these metrics regularly for the constant influx of new software products and license models.

Calculate what you need

Find compliance quickly

Defend against software license audits

License compliance you can trust

With enterprise agreements, the risk of over-spending and breaking your budget grows every day. You deal with complex IT architecture, a balancing act of virtualization, and intricate license metrics. But this risk is controllable!

With SmartTrack’s one-click compliance reports, you always know if the software you use matches the licenses you purchased. Position yourself to stay within budget by knowing what you use and applying licenses before contract milestones and renewals. You can lower your license demand, prove compliance, and avoid unexpected expenses — the results are great cost savings.

Your best offense is audit defense

Software license audits have grown explosively. Software vendors are recovering millions of dollars in license revenue annually by targeting enterprises in audits, reviews and true-ups.

SmartTrack is the ideal technology for audit defense, helping you prepare the required data. Position yourself for strong negotiations by knowing what you have and what you use.

You can also get hands-on help from Aspera consultants. Talk to our experts so they can assess your data prior to auditor reviews, or thoroughly verify the auditor’s results by looking for errors and missing data.

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Save in the data center

Closely watch cloud costs

Simulate server & cloud needs

Big savings in servers & data centers

Today’s enterprise IT is all about servers. That is where the highest savings are possible, and the biggest audit pitfalls are hiding. But licensing for physical servers and virtualized environments is complex and cost-intensive.

That’s where SmartTrack comes in to control the complexity and costs. The platform understands all server topologies such as software running on physical devices, all kinds of partitions, and virtualized guest systems in cluster environments.

SmartTrack follows the scalable nature of virtualized servers which may be reconfigured daily, and helps you to adjust the licenses to match. You always know how you’re using software and how many licenses you need.

Data protection & GDPR compliance

SmartTrack is fully GDPR compliant, as the platform continues to meet the growing privacy needs of global license management. The platform follows GDPR-related features such as pseudonymizing, anonymizing, and built-in encryption.

  • Restrict access with permissions. Your SAM admin can restrict data and menu options for each user, such as access to certain vendors, products, organizational units, and application features.
  • Mask sensitive data for GDPR. SmartTrack can optionally mask the sensitive data of each user — such as name, email, login and import ID — with permissions that are as restrictive as you need.
  • Privacy by design and default. All features work with the least amount of personal data required.
  • “Forget data” for GDPR. Remove data and its history when they’re no longer needed — such as the Office 365 usage records of an outgoing employee — following the GDPR “right to be forgotten” article.
  • Check products for GDPR. Set a SmartTrack filter to display all software products that need to be checked for GDPR compliance, such as a person’s employment details or usage of a product.

Get strategic with simulations

Want to take cost saving to the next level? With SmartTrack Simulation, you can forecast your future savings by exploring your licensing options in a SAM sandbox.

This powerful tool is a breakthrough in financial forecasting. It lets you stage potential topologies and architectures to find true cost avoidance. With SmartTrack Simulation, you analyze any “what-if” scenarios for the best choice of license type at the best price, or the best architecture for your licenses to stay compliant.

Current Aspera clients have already realized over seven figures of immediate savings. Look with us into the future of Software Asset Management.

Monitor & manage your cloud services

“The cloud will be easy.” Running your company’s software in the cloud is flexible, scalable, and simple to use. So much, in fact, that it’s way too easy to use more cloud services than you’re paying for, or for employees to start using a service without permission.

SmartTrack helps you stay compliant in the cloud. Our SAM platform calculates exactly the software licenses that are needed for the “public cloud.” It’s part of SmartTrack’s full overview of your infrastructure for cloud, on-premises and hybrid with challenges such as: Read more

  • Know what cloud services you use, and which types of virtual machines they’re running on 
  • Properly license yourself for the most essential IaaS and PaaS services, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud
  • Help with cost avoidance as you avoid fines and fees by keeping track of your consumption and approved usage

Plan & analyze your cloud migration

“The cloud will be cheaper.” That is what every company says… until they move away from traditional on-premises licensing. The transition is particularly complicated if your software data center is already heavily virtualized.

SmartTrack helps you evaluate before the move. With the SmartTrack Simulation tool, you can stay ahead of the financial impact. The simulation analyzes what your server architecture will cost in moving to the cloud. Then it finds the best way to handle that licensing, such as:

  • Buy or rent? Decide which cloud model to use: Bring Your Own Licenses (BYOL) or a subscription service
  • Go hybrid? Split the licenses between on-premises and cloud for a “hybrid” situation

Minimize costs & maximize savings

SmartTrack delivers fresh financial resources so your company achieves hard savings, year after year. Aspera customers achieve a full return on investment in the first 6 to 12 months. In fact, many customers achieve an ROI of up to 300% over a 3-year timeframe.

Most customers see up to 30% savings on their licensing costs. And being audit-ready can easily lead your company to 7-figure savings when a vendor audit hits.

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Start now and enjoy the benefits of SmartTrack:

Realize up to 30% savings

Save time with automation

Integrate into existing IT

Fully automate your License Management

Eliminate the spreadsheets and guesses. With a dedicated, automated software license management tool, you take back your time and stay on top of your software budget.

SmartTrack replaces labor-intensive manual work — and the errors that come with it. The platform runs most operations automatically, from tracking the usage of a software product to checking if that product is covered by a license. Its integrated product catalog centralizes the data and makes it available at a moment’s notice.

You can easily track the highest audit risks, the most expensive licenses, the most important publishers, and the largest contracts. Go ahead, make your life easier.

Integrate into your existing IT

We know the importance of fitting into your existing system architecture and getting operational immediately. SmartTrack seamlessly integrates with all of your systems so implementation and deployment are easy and secure to manage.

  • Has 50+ system connectors such as Altiris, BDNA, BMC, HP, ILMT, SCCM, ServiceNow, Valuemation, and VMWare
  • Runs under Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems
  • Runs with MySQL, Oracle DB, and Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Can be hosted in the Aspera cloud or your on-premise data center
  • Its FlowControl extension increases integration with service-oriented architectures like procurement, ITSM, and HR

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Complete your Software License Management Toolbox

Aspera SmartCollect

A flexible inventory tool that ensures your successful full-featured SAM by running a clean, complete discovery of data from any data source.

Conquer the Complexity

SmartTrack Simulation

The breakthrough SAM simulation for deep savings in the data center. Find hard-cost savings by analyzing all your licensing and usage options.

Step into the future

SmartTrack Optimization

SmartTrack Optimization keeps an eye on the cost-benefit analysis, providing valuable information about server management and data centers.

Start optimizing

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Discover the secret ingredients for successful SAM

In this video, Hirsa Navid, license manager at the Austrian Federal Railways and responsible for Asset and Application Management, shares her recipe for a successful SAM with Aspera SmartTrack.

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