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SmartTrack Software License Management

The strategic solution for managing your software licenses

Compliance & Costs for Cloud Software Asset Management

Cloud services are simple to run, darned flexible, and they’re scalable like heck. Which means the cloud is easy to overuse, slippery to track, and challenging to control. That’s where SmartTrack comes in, keeping your licensing both compliant and cost effective.

Our SAM platform makes sure you’re correctly using and paying for the essential “public cloud” services, such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. SmartTrack calculates precisely the cloud licenses you need, and analyzes if you should transfer on-premises licenses.

It’s part of SmartTrack’s full overview of your company’s licensing infrastructure for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid.

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Stay compliant

Compliance is the bread & butter of SmartTrack. We ensure you’re using the cloud services within your license contracts, but not paying too much for them.

Get connected

SmartTrack gathers all the cloud data that’s needed for Software Asset Management (SAM), such as virtual machines and running software.

Avoid extra costs

Keeping your licenses compliant helps with cost avoidance. Now you can feel confident that you won’t get hit with fines and extra fees.

Managing your cloud: Consume & comply

Traditional discovery tools are great for gathering on-premises usage data. But cloud services require different tools to measure usage and control costs. The biggest risk in cloud licensing is using more than you budgeted for. That’s why SmartTrack has powerful cloud-specific features, which include:

Watches how much you use. If you are consuming resources, then you instantly pay for it. SmartTrack monitors the complex consumption-driven metrics like “per use” and “per CPU hour.”

Knows the licenses you need. SmartTrack determines the new cloud licenses you need to buy, or what you can transfer from the on-premises licenses you already own.

Flags unsupported configurations. SmartTrack lets you know if a vendor doesn’t allow their software to run in BYOL licensing mode in other vendor’s public cloud environment.

SmartTrack supports the essential services

Including: Amazon AWS EC2, Amazon AWS RDS, Microsoft Azure Compute, Microsoft Azure SQL, Oracle Database, IBM PVU, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server

The “big” clouds:
Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure

AWS and Azure are powerful, scalable ways of handling applications and servers across a big cloud-based network. Each service runs a virtual environment for servers or applications, as if you’re using physical machines with a server OS — that’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Where does SmartTrack come in? It looks at AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, and other essential PaaS and IaaS. It sees which virtual machines you’re using, how many, and what software they’re running. Then SmartTrack calculates if you’re following the licensing rules and paying the right amount. Get a demo!

Helps with hybrid

You’ll often need both a physical install and on-the-go priveleges. SmartTrack helps you with this “hybrid” mix of on-premises licenses paired with cloud licenses.

Analyzes buy vs rent

Which cloud software do you pay for as Bring Your Own License (BYOL)? What comes as a prepaid subscription with the cloud vendor’s package? SmartTrack sorts this out.

Checks migration costs

What’s the pain or gain for your business in moving to the cloud? Our SmartTrack Simulation tool helps you figure this out, so you can compare costs.

To BYOL or not—that’s a big question!

Public cloud machines can run your software in one of two ways: Subscription or Bring Your Own License. SmartTrack can analyze whether a cloud machine already has software—that’s subscription—or doesn’t yet, which is BYOL.

What happens? SmartTrack calculates how many BYOL licenses you need to buy, and analyzes the full demand to ensure you have a clean balance. You can even decide which licensing model to use on the fly, which is a very flexible way to work.

What are SmartTrack’s results? Its calculations keep you from paying either too much or too little for your licenses. You avoid the risk of paying unnecessary costs or getting hit with fines and fees.

Digs into your data

SmartTrack extracts and imports the raw data for devices and software. It runs a deep product recognition to see device types, instance tags, machine images, CPU types, and regions.

Knows the yes & no

SmartTrack’s metric technology processes the cloud providers’ licensing rules. Equally important, it tracks how the licenses limit you from certain usage and configurations.

Reports it all together

Each cloud provider has their own reporting inside their portal, such as for billing. Wouldn’t it be great to see statistics and KPIs in one place? That’s SmartTrack’s dashboard.

Plan your cloud migration

You’re getting ready to move IT infrastructure to the cloud. The SmartTrack Simulation tool helps your company to plan that migration. You can simulate what those server software licenses would cost and the best way to architecture them.

What happens? Before moving a server instance, try a calculation in a sandbox. You’ll see what licenses are needed and what your options are. The size and number of your servers, instances, and virtual machines will vary depending on your needs.

What are SmartTrack’s results? You might not need to pay for the software on the virtual cloud machine you’re renting. SmartTrack Simulation helps you to plan your migration and choose the right VM according to your existing licenses.

All the cloud data you need, for everything

  • Connects to cloud data: SmartTrack has dedicated connectors that talk to specialized cloud APIs, collect the data at the service portal, and keeps what is needed for SAM.
  • Sees daily information: The dashboard can show info such as virtual machine (VM) instances by type or by region, or current number of records for each type of data.
  • Reads instance tags: SmartTrack imports your instance tags—such as cost center for a VM, or a software ID—to mark installed software and do organizational mapping.
  • Simulates your servers: Figure out exactly how much server space you’ll need, and make sure to pay just for that—such as 30% of a server, instead of 100%.
  • Simulates your cores: Analyze if you can redistribute your cores to fit virtual machine instances that are differently sized and potentially cheaper.
  • Reads machine images: SmartTrack finds your machine images by their APIs and device IDs, then runs product recognition to identify preinstalled software you’re paying for.
  • Decides on-the-fly: Know how much ad-hoc computing power you need, and how often, to decide pay-as-you-go or pay-by-instance licenses.
  • Tracks service costs: SmartTrack follows the cost data for your cloud services, such as renting, storage, and data transfer.
  • Reads full inventory: SmartTrack extracts all the device inventory you need for cloud hardware, cloud software, and hybrid.

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