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SmartTrack License Optimization

The strategic solution for managing your software licenses

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Easy Integration for Software License Optimization

From day one, Aspera SmartTrack integrates into your IT backend. Our Software Asset Management platform is built for the needs of large organizations and complex IT landscapes. We know the importance of fitting into your existing system architecture and getting operational immediately.

SmartTrack integrates effortlessly with its web-based interface, open architecture, and system connectors. It is scalable for every system and database, from ILMT and SCCM to ServiceNow ITSM.

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Seamless open architecture

Grows with your growing IT

50+ system connectors

Built to be big and flexible

SmartTrack is designed to fit your existing IT landscape — no matter how large or complex — with open architecture that scales with your changing IT, and is seamlessly operational.

In the back end, SmartTrack is a platform-independent web application that runs under Windows, Linux and Unix-type operating systems. It runs with MySQL, Oracle DB and Microsoft SQL Server databases (PHP, Apache/IIS stack). The overall architecture, data model and all APIs are fully documented.

50+ fast system connectors

SmartTrack ships with connectors to all common systems and databases that collect information about installed and used software. Our connectors integrate with over 50 popular systems, such as Altiris, BDNA, BMC, HP, ILMT, SCCM, ServiceNow, Valuemation and VMWare.

SmartTrack connects to physical servers and client devices as well as every modern device management system — such as Mobile Device Management (MDM), Virtual Device Management (VDM), and cloud providers. We also develop turnkey interfaces for highly customized systems. Just tell us what your company needs.

Integration that works for 50+ systems & databases

AdobeCreative Cloud
AmazonWeb Services (AWS)
Baramundi SoftwareManagement Suite
CACA Client Automation
EasytrustEasyTrust for Oracle
FrontRangeDiscovery (Centennial)
IBMBigFix Inventory (BFI), ILMT, TAD4D, TADz
IGELRemote Management
ivantiLandesk Endpoint Manager
JamfCasper Suite
LansweeperNetwork Inventory
Micro FocusUniversal CMDB
MicrosoftActive Directory, Office 365, SCCM, App-V, Azure, Microsoft License Statement (MLS), Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)
nova ratioeInventory
OpmantekOpen AudIT
OracleReview Lite
SAPLicense Import Pool
ServiceNowNow Platform
SecureIntegrationSAP Connector (SLC)
SymantecAltiris Inventory
TaniumEndpoint Platform
USU AGValuemation
VMwarevCenter Configuration Manager, Airwatch

100% flexible hosting

100% web-based platform

100% secure deployment

Security is a top priority

That’s why our data center meets the security requirements of large corporation. It has full redundancy and an extensive monitoring system that watches over your data. Operations conform to the latest ITIL standards.

Your SmartTrack application is deployed on dedicated, siloed hardware. Security measures include hardened operating systems, a locked down infrastructure, static code analysis, SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO), and third-party penetration tests.

Our security is tested yearly, both internally as well as by our largest customers. In the unlikely event of a service interruption, we have tested disaster-recovery plans in place to quickly return you to normal operations.

Host on-premises or in cloud

Choose the SmartTrack hosting plan that fits your needs, whether it’s deployed on your servers or hosted by ours. You can start small and upgrade later, choose to license or rent, and change your hosting choice after deployment.

The SmartTrack platform handles complex requirements and your connectivity needs. Its features include database connectivity and API connectors to other cloud providers. With site-to-site VPN integration, all hosted solutions can facilitate data exchange with your network as if they were hosted on-premises.

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Powerful data import & export

SmartTrack has flexible import and export features. The platform can work with live or segregated data, to follow your internal policies that may limit the access of external vendors.

Data import. SmartTrack includes a powerful scriptable Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) workflow engine for importing data from various sources and systems, including databases and web service APIs. The import scales easily to large volumes of data.

Data export. There are many flexible export options in SmartTrack, including CSV, XLS, and Web Services. These formats can be automated.

Supported by Aspera experts

Need expert SAM help? Before and after deployment, our in-house team delivers SmartTrack services that expertly map out license and entitlement data, and keep your operational costs low. Get help with difficult tasks like individualizing the product catalog, identifying and correcting faulty data, or monitoring your data flow.

Want it fully outsourced? SmartTrack hosting is also part of our “LaaS” package. Our License Management as a Service is the industry’s only full-service outsourcing solution for managing your software licenses. If you don’t have the staff or expertise to cover your program, LaaS takes care of every task, from hosting and integrating the platform to processing license data and day-to-day operations.

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Fully online and flexible

Aspera SmartTrack is a flexible, fully web-based solution. The platform is easy to start and always secure, with fast deployment and self-service. SmartTrack can be easily installed on-premises or hosted at the Aspera data center.

SmartTrack operates through your local browser, with no installation required for the user, while providing complete security and access control. The platform is optimized for current browser versions, but still fully compatible with many legacy browsers used in enterprise environments. Log on and be happy.

FlowControl for end-to-end integration

Increase your SAM’s automation and efficiency with our FlowControl extension for unlimited connections to service-oriented systems.

FlowControl is a powerful, configurable framework built on ITIL SAM Best Practices and our SmartTrack web-based platform. It seamlessly integrates with service-oriented architectures. These systems include procurement, ITSM and ITAM fulfillment, human resources, and ERP solutions like Ariba, PeopleSoft, and SAP.

ServiceNow process integration

SmartTrack and ServiceNow enhance each other, like cookies and milk. That’s why SmartTrack ships with a built-in data connector for ServiceNow.

SmartTrack can import ServiceNow data — including CMDB, software usage, user, cost center and location data — and quickly use that information to improve its license compliance reporting. The ServiceNow environment is also enriched as data quality and overall transparency are increased for ITAM and CMDB systems.

SmartTrack doesn’t replace ServiceNow — it adds the missing full-featured license management piece. Our integration has been certified by ServiceNow for interoperability, security, performance, and best practices in design and implementation.

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In this video, Hirsa Navid, license manager at the Austrian Federal Railways and responsible for Asset and Application Management, shares her recipe for a successful SAM with Aspera SmartTrack.

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