SmartTrack software license management tool features

SmartTrack License Management Features

The strategic solution for managing your software licenses

Powerful Features for Software License Optimization

Over 17 years ago, when Software Asset Management was just a twinkle in the IT world’s eye, Aspera developed SmartTrack. Our software license management tool gives you full-featured automatic, accurate license management for immediate savings and compliance.

SmartTrack is the only software license management tool that was designed from day one with a fully integrated product catalog. Your days of a patchwork solution for license data are over.

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Manages all Vendors

Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP (incl. Sybase, Business Objects), Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Adobe, VMware, Citrix, HP, CA, Autodesk, Symantec, Attachmate, Red Hat, Embarcadero & many more

Software license management

Need an end-to-end process for your license management? SmartTrack is the solution. SmartTrack reveals where you’re over-licensed, under-licensed, or incorrectly licensed to show your true license demand. Now you can keep IT, procurement, and management all informed.

Then SmartTrack shows you the steps to take to balance those licenses. The platform covers every environment from servers and desktops to cloud and mobile, and covers all license types and software vendors. SmartTrack calculates exactly the licenses you need with unique metric calculations.

Full vendor coverage

Software license management for the big vendors is notoriously difficult and expensive. SmartTrack covers your bases.

The platform manages your license position for all the “big boys” such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. It covers many, many more vendors such as Adobe, Attachmate, Autodesk, CA, Citrix, Embarcadero, HP, Red Hat, Symantec, and VMware.

Each software vendor has special characteristics when it comes to license management. SmartTrack offers solutions for all of them in one platform. It’s your secret handshake for successful Software Asset Management.

Software normalization

Call it what you want: software recognition, normalization, or just “following the rules.” SmartTrack’s normalization provides a clear, consolidated view of your products.

The SmartTrack platform automatically identifies every piece of software and license data down to the smallest details. This step-by-step process systematically cleans the data. It filters out what’s unneeded and standardizes the information that is kept.

You get a reliable foundation to ensure compliance, make solid purchasing decisions, and protect against software license audit risk.

Automated license re-harvesting

SmartTrack’s powerful re-harvesting feature is fully automated. The platform monitors how long software has been underused or unused, so you can make decisions about those licenses. It assigns a different license that covers the actual usage or automatically triggers an uninstallation.

You save time with automation, and save money by avoiding new license purchases. In fact, 50% of software requests can be covered with existing licenses. Use the re-harvesting menu to set up campaigns that monitor how long software has been installed but not used.

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Integrated product catalog

Your days of spreadsheets are over. SmartTrack is powered by its unbeatable product catalog. Built on nearly two decades of solid SAM experience, CatalogPlus is a centralized, automated source for your license data, recognition rules, and other ready-to-use information.

Together, SmartTrack and CatalogPlus deliver unbeatable automation. The catalog tracks the trifecta: inventory and normalization data, purchasing data (articles/SKUs), and product use rights (PURs). Our built-in signatures and rules go large and wide, matching the millions of inventory records.

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Instant license metrics

SmartTrack calculates exactly how many software licenses you need. It uses powerful Metric Engine technology for both complex server metrics and simpler client-side metrics. When software vendors modify their license metrics, or introduce new products and new metrics, the database is updated by our dedicated team of licensing specialists.

Client software: SmartTrack measures clear-cut metrics for desktops, laptops, cloud, and mobile. Each user, device, or installation requires one license.

Server software: SmartTrack measures metrics that are more complicated, such as type of virtualization or hardware attributes like sockets, cores, and PVUs.

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Manage your cloud compliance

There’s a lot of data that can be pulled in from cloud services. SmartTrack imports their device data and raw software data, and understands what is relevant for Software Asset Management. It knows the licensing rules and limitations for cloud products so it can automatically:

See what you already own. SmartTrack determines the new software licenses you need to buy, or what you can transfer from the on-premises licenses you already paid for.

Detect “Bring Your Own License.” SmartTrack identifies which of the installed software needs to be licensed as BYOL, versus what comes with the customer’s virtual machine rental.

Flag an unsupported configuration. SmartTrack lets you know if a vendor doesn’t allow their software to run in BYOL licensing mode in other vendor’s public cloud environment.

Support the essential services. Including: Amazon AWS EC2, Amazon AWS RDS, Microsoft Azure Compute, Microsoft Azure SQL, Oracle Database, IBM PVU, Microsoft Windows Server, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Data center optimization

Do you have complex server clusters or a large virtualized estate? With SmartTrack, you can control the complexity and cost effectiveness of licensing for servers, clusters, and virtualization. Optimize both physical and virtualized machines with features that:

  • Understand the server topology. Is the server a physical or virtual instance? Is a guest system running individually or in a cluster?
  • Find compliance for server licenses. License rules are complex, vary greatly per vendor, and can change without warning.
  • Find compliance for virtual environments. Virtualized servers may be reconfigured daily, and the licenses must adjust to match.
  • Control the maintenance costs. The data center has a high maintenance investment — up to 20% of total license cost — so it’s essential to manage.

Want even more? SmartTrack Simulation takes server licensing to the next level, letting you stage potential server topologies in a sandbox.

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Track your cloud consumption

Traditional discovery tools are great for gathering on-premises usage data. But cloud services require different tools to measure usage and control costs. The biggest risk in cloud licensing is using more than you budgeted for.

SmartTrack closes that gap by watching your consumption. If you are using a cloud service, then you instantly pay for it. This brings a complex tangle of consumption-driven metrics like “per use” and “per CPU hour.” SmartTrack helps you to see those metrics as the platform:

  • Talks to cloud provider APIs. SmartTrack connects to your cloud monitoring tools such as Amazon CloudWatch and Google Stackdriver, and public cloud platforms like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • Collects user data. SmartTrack uses state-of-the-art methods like REST APIs to collect relevant user data from Software as a Service (SaaS) environments such as Microsoft Office 365, WebEx, and Salesforce.
  • Analyze the configurations. SmartTrack looks at the size and number of your servers, instances, and virtual machines to find the best way to distribute cores and pay for server space.

Reporting dashboards to inform your job

Are you a license manager, or contract manger, or do you handle software inventory—or maybe all three? Set up a dashboard for each job responsibility, store the KPIs that relate to that role, and share the dashboard data with coworkers.

Inform your SAM stakeholders. Sharing dashboards lets everyone shift between critical reporting views and helps you provide targeted business analytics to decision makers.

Create dashboards without limits. You can create an unlimited number of dashboards, which lets you display only the menu options and data relevant to the user’s tasks.

Share KPIs the way you want. Each dashboard has detailed permissions that let you configure different usage scenarios, from an unrestricted collaborative mode to read-only access.

Customize your dashboards. In each dashboard, customize the reports that are critical for you. For instance, “Is my Oracle compliance on target?” or “What is the status of our Office 365 implementation?”

Flexible permissions for roles & rights

SmartTrack has real-life flexibility that makes your real life more secure. Our online platform has strong user permissions that are built for large companies and global data centers with many employees to manage.

Set each user’s permissions. Your SAM admin can decide what a user sees in SmartTrack, such as contracts but not software installations, or only Microsoft data instead of all vendor data.

Multiple profiles per user. Each SmartTrack user can have many SmartTrack profiles, which let you log in with a specific set of permissions for the dashboard display, menu access, and data access.

Permissions model is GDPR compliant. SmartTrack masks the sensitive data of each user—such as name, email, login and import ID—so it’s as restrictive as you need it to be.

Built-in KPIs & automatic reports

SmartTrack’s dashboard displays your daily information in one centralized place. Immediately see the essential license data with built-in reports and auto-filters.

90+ KPIs for daily reports. Easily measure your license activities with over 90 Key Performance Indicators that show the day-to-day analysis, as well as trends over time.

24 reports per dashboard. Every dashboard can display up to 24 reporting widgets, called “dashlets,” with a mix of your own custom dashlets and the defaults that ship with SmartTrack.

Create your own dashlets. Customize the built-in KPIs on your dashboard or build your own dashboard widgets to see exactly what you need.

Automatic alerts & reports. Get regular updates about your compliance levels and notification of key dates, such as end of license agreements or maintenance.

Financial management

Get fast, accurate answers to your software spend and budget planning questions. The Financial Management extension for SmartTrack makes budgeting easy by tracking usage and compliance costs.

Now you can integrate software cost charging into your IT services strategy. Great features for precise financial data include:

  • Break down costs from views such as vendor, product, time, and project
  • Get reports on costs per fiscal year, savings from reusing licenses, and estimated costs for new licenses
  • Simplify planning and improve forecasting accuracy with the Price Assistant
  • Allocate licensing costs internally with either the cost center or profit model
  • Calculate service charge costs on a granular level to fully account for centralized services

Contract management

Say goodbye to missed contract clauses, and the risks that go with them. With SmartTrack, you can easily manage any type of IT volume agreement and multi-layered contract conditions.

SmartTrack automatically monitors your maintenance and support costs, and reports on essential milestones such as contract renewals and expirations. You get quality assurance for the big picture and the small stuff, such as:

  • Identify the contract details that impact license compliance
  • Keep track of enterprise license agreements
  • Model in four organizational levels: group, division, company, cost center
  • Set up contract milestones like end date and renewal date
  • Electronically archive your contract documents

Data quality monitoring

Solid data is the foundation for successful SAM. SmartTrack ensures the highest Data Quality Management (DQM). The platform offers user-friendly monitoring and analysis of all the data for all of your devices.

From the minute you pull data into SmartTrack, you are able to report on it. See what has been processed and what was missed. SmartTrack checks all critical data issues, then provides insight into the quality and how to improve it.

  • Verifies imported data automatically to trust your data points
  • Warns and shows what data is missing for accurate license compliance
  • Pinpoints data discrepancies in readable reports instead of log files
  • Displays status of each record to immediately show your inventory

Dedicated discovery & inventory

Successful SAM is powered by the details. In nearly two decades of doing Software Asset Management, we’ve learned that it’s best to let your data drive the processes.

SmartTrack works seamlessly with Aspera SmartCollect. That’s our powerful tool for gathering the inventory data needed to calculate your software usage. SmartCollect runs a clean, complete discovery of data from any device, and can do both agent-based and agentless data collection.

Do it best with SmartCollect

Already have an inventory tool? Many big organizations do. In fact, you may have more than one installed. That’s why SmartTrack directly integrates with many tools for discovery and inventory data collection, and easily scales in large environments.

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Complete your Software License Management Toolbox


A flexible inventory tool that ensures your successful full-featured SAM by running a clean, complete discovery of data from any data source.

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SmartTrack Simulation

The breakthrough SAM simulation for deep savings in the data center. Find hard-cost savings by analyzing all your licensing and usage options.

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Financial Management

Get fast, accurate answers for software budget and planning by tracking and forecasting contract utilization and compliance costs.

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In this video, Hirsa Navid, license manager at the Austrian Federal Railways and responsible for Asset and Application Management, shares her recipe for a successful SAM with Aspera SmartTrack.

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