SmartTrack software license optimization background

SmartTrack Software License Optimization

Reduce the cost, risk and complexity
of server & cloud licenses

Forecast & Reporting for Software License Optimization

SmartTrack picks up where other technologies leave off. The platform has endless options to optimize the software you use, finding great efficiency and cost savings across the cloud and data center. With future-looking features that let you analyze and report, you will ensure that IT, Procurement, and C-Suite know the value of managing software.

See the future with Software License Optimization

Inform stakeholders

Report critical information about software usage to stakeholders to help their business decisions.

Simulate servers

Experiment with efficient choices across cloud platforms, virtual machines, and on-premises systems.

Forecast costs

Look at your future needs and budget by analyzing your license history and software trends.

Provide critical data for decision makers

From the minute you pull data into SmartTrack, you are able to report on it. That’s why SmartTrack has a powerful dashboard and one-click compliance reports. See your daily information in one centralized place, and share Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and dashboard data with your coworkers.

  • See daily activity and trends over time: Measure your license activity such as “Is my Oracle compliance on target?” or “What’s the status of our Office 365 implementation?”
  • Share important reports and dashboards: Now coworkers can shift between critical reporting views, and you can give targeted business analytics to management.
  • Know when your contracts will change: Get automatic notifications about important dates, such as end of contract or maintenance renewals.

Optimize what you have today

SmartTrack’s licence optimization picks up where other technologies leave off. The platform analyzes endless options to find great cost savings and efficiency across all your licenses. It keeps a constant eye on the cost-benefit analysis, especially for server management and dynamic data centers.

Do a deep strategic analysis

Review technical servers, virtualization layers, and hardware properties to identify the minimum license needs.

Get one-click saving potential

Look at what different license models will cost, and see what’s available in your license pool.

Stop expensive installations

Compare the license costs of a specific installation to the average cost of installations.

Forecast your needs with trend analysis

Want to make fast, informed decisions? Use SmartTrack to analyze important questions about your Software Asset Management processes and performance over time. From its SAM Intelligence dashboard, you can view the license management data over time and from any angle, and quickly show Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Visualize important KPIs in charts and graphs
  • Display the KPIs for your responsibilities and goals
  • View historical SAM data about trends and usage
  • Answer “over time” question about software licenses

Simulate what you want tomorrow

Do you have complex server clusters or a large virtualized estate? SmartTrack has powerful Simulation features to help you choose the best license types at the best price. Evaluate the licensing impact of installing SQL server on three partitions, or migrating an Oracle database from one data center to another — all in a few minutes. Current Aspera clients have already realized over seven figures of immediate savings.

Sandbox your current topology

Copy an existing topology from production systems, then experiment without impacting the live environment.

Get unlimited “what if” scenarios

Simulate the effects of different servers, virtualization, clusters or partitioning on what licenses are needed.

Improve your installation

Identify cost-intensive issues, then simulate changes to your contracts and license inventory.

Show business insights in easy reports

Need to explain the value of Software Asset Management to your decision makers? Using the SAM Intelligence dashboard, you can present business insights in visual charts and graphs that are easy to understand. Now your team can identify how to make processes more efficient and avoid compliance risk. Share your important analysis with managers and stakeholders so they understand their investment — no matter what their knowledge is.

  • Generate reports that are insightful and measurable
  • Export the results as an XLS, CSV or PDF
  • Make complex data feel comfortable (and colorful)
  • Use easy-to-read pie charts, bar charts, and tree maps

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