SmartTrack software license optimization background

SmartTrack Software License Management

Reduce the cost, risk and complexity
of server & cloud licenses

Flexible & Scalable Control for Software License Optimization

Two decades ago, when Software Asset Management was just a twinkle in the IT world’s eye, Aspera developed SmartTrack. Our software license management tool has a central product database, flexible roles and rights, and tight integration into any IT backend - no matter how large or complex. You can track financials and contracts to keep ahead of the budget, and prepare early for vendor audits and negotiations.

Go ahead - make your SAM life easier

Prepare ahead of audits to defend your contracts and usage

Grow with your growing IT and scale with any backend

Track financials for budget, maintenance, and support costs

Central database for 1.2 million products

SmartTrack is powered by its unbeatable product catalog. Built on 20 years of solid SAM experience, CatalogPlus is the centralized, automated database for knowing which products you own and use - almost 1.2 million and counting. With dedicated, automated software license management tools, SmartTrack replaces labor-intensive manual work and the errors that come with it. Your days of spreadsheets are over.


See it all in CatalogPlus

End-to-end integration built to be flexible

From day one, SmartTrack integrates into your IT backend - no matter how large or complex. We know the importance of fitting into your existing system architecture and getting operational immediately. SmartTrack’s open architecture, web-based interface, and system connectors are scalable for every system and database, including ITAM, ITSM, MDM, VDM, procurement, ERP, and human resources. We also develop turnkey interfaces for highly customized systems - just tell us what your company needs.

50+ fast built-in system connectors

Including: Altiris, BDNA, BMC, HP, ILMT, Microsoft SCCM, ServiceNow, VMware, Adobe Creative Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Valuemation

See full list of data sources
AdobeCreative Cloud
AmazonWeb Services (AWS)
Baramundi SoftwareManagement Suite
CACA Client Automation
EasytrustEasyTrust for Oracle
FrontRangeDiscovery (Centennial)
IBMBigFix Inventory (BFI), ILMT, TAD4D, TADz
IGELRemote Management
ivantiLandesk Endpoint Manager
JamfCasper Suite
LansweeperNetwork Inventory
Micro FocusUniversal CMDB
MicrosoftActive Directory, Office 365, SCCM, App-V, Azure, Microsoft License Statement (MLS), Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)
nova ratioeInventory
OpmantekOpen AudIT
OracleReview Lite
SAPLicense Import Pool
ServiceNowNow Platform
SecureIntegrationSAP Connector (SLC)
SymantecAltiris Inventory
TaniumEndpoint Platform
USU GmbHValuemation
VMwarevCenter Configuration Manager, Airwatch

What’s your best offense?
Audit defense!

Preparing ahead of an audit can easily lead your company to 7-figure savings. Software vendors are recovering millions of dollars in license revenue annually by targeting enterprises in audits, reviews and true-ups. That’s why SmartTrack helps position you for strong negotiations by knowing what software you use, and how it’s covered in your contracts.

Flexible permissions for roles & rights

Get real-life flexibility that makes your real life secure. SmartTrack has strong user permissions that are built for large companies and global data centers with many employees to manage.

Set each user’s permissions

Your SAM admin decides what a user sees in SmartTrack. Such as contracts but not software installations, or only Microsoft data instead of all vendor data.

Multiple profiles per user

Each user can have many SmartTrack profiles. You log in with a specific set of permissions for the dashboard display, menu access, and data access.

Data is GDPR compliant

SmartTrack masks the sensitive data of each user — such as name, email, login and import ID — to be as restrictive as you need.

Manage your contracts & financial planning

Say goodbye to inaccurate forecasts and missed contract clauses. SmartTrack makes budgeting easy, so you can integrate software cost charging into your IT services strategy. For contracts, its monitoring features let you easily handle IT volume agreements or multi-layered contract conditions.

  • Get fast, accurate answers for spend and budget: SmartTrack watches usage costs and purchasing costs, so you can forecast how contracts are used and what licenses should cost.
  • Get precise financial data for clear reporting: SmartTrack breaks down costs by views such as vendor, product, time, project, fiscal year, savings from reused licenses, and new purchase estimates.
  • Track contract maintenance and milestones: SmartTrack automatically monitors maintenance and support costs, and reports on milestones such as contract renewals and expirations.

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