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C-Suite Solutions: Drive Profits Now & Later

Strategic SAM that solves fiscal problems and improve financial productivity — this is Aspera’s value to the CIO and CFO.

Inspiration for long-term savings
To be profitable and competitive, a company must quickly and efficiently provide its employees with the right software — no matter where in the world they operate.
CIOs and CFOs need a SAM infrastructure that can strategically manage applications, control costs, and decrease audit risk. Aspera SmartTrack brings your C-suite the best ongoing savings and risk detection.

Stress relief wrapped in a SAM-wich
The data center is ever-transforming and employees are using multiple devices. Overseeing an organization’s use of information technology and finances has increased in complexity. Like the plastic around your food, transparency helps freshness.
Executives can look toward SmartTrack, an industry-leading license management platform that ensures your company buys the licenses it needs and utilizes the software it has. SmartTrack leverages your existing ITSM systems while adding essential tools, standards, and checks and balances. Your staff will be able to prevent software audits by proving license compliance at any time, for all vendors and publishers.

How can we help you?

Systematically reduce IT spending now — and in the future — with key benefits such as:

  • Reduce software investments by up to 30% by consolidating to a single system of record for software licenses
  • Establish enterprise-wide visibility and global standardization
  • Fully account for software costs and clearly attribute to the IT services delivered
  • Automate manual tasks to get more out of highly skilled workers
  • Simplify the challenges of trends like the cloud, BYOD and the ever-transforming data center 

Putting Software Licenses to Work

Discover how companies currently approach software asset management and how they can reap the benefits of a more engaged, proactive, strategic approach to license management.

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