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Finance Solutions: Forecast Budgets, Eradicate Risk

Use SmartTrack to anticipate your software costs and develop intelligent cost-optimization strategies.

Your view is now company-wide

Get rid of IT information silos. Our centralized SAM platform, Aspera SmartTrack, arms your enterprise with a complete understanding of your software usage patterns and licenses.

This knowledge enables your company to control costs by accurately forecasting software budgets while eradicating audit risk factors. And SmartTrack provides a strategic License Management solution which follows ITIL best practices.

40% of companies with 500+ employees were audited in the last 24 months

 InformationWeek 2014 Software Licensing Survey


Take the guesswork out of expense planning

Your business is dependent on software. And the cost of software licenses is rising. SmartTrack enables your Finance team to anticipate their contract true-up expenses and software costs.

SmartTrack’s centralized License Management platform brings transparency to your enterprise’s software assets, usage, licenses, and contracts. It also helps you clearly account for hardware assets and the users themselves. This information is mapped out to organizational and accounting structures, which in turn record the license ownership, leases, and software usage.

Ultimately SmartTrack gives fast access to helpful budgeting processes like:

  • Accurate, automated reports for contract expenses and license balances
  • IT cost allocation that can focus chargebacks on the actual consumption of IT services
  • Efficiency gains due to clearly structured information for Enterprise contract renewals and true-ups
  • Data that creates precise software budgets, and advises proactive but compliant steps if expenses are too high
  • A fair distribution across the organization of software costs and resources used for IT services

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SAM’s Secret Weapon: Financial Management

Initially utilized mainly as a compliance measure, Software Asset Management is quickly transitioning into a strategic tool for financial management. Learn how to evolve your SAM program into a financial management machine, influencing and impacting stakeholders across your organization.

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