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Software Asset Management (SAM) IT Solutions

SAM arms every IT stakeholder with a complete understanding of your enterprise’s software usage and assets.

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Software Asset Management isn’t just about counting licenses and software installations. Software is the lifeblood of your organization. The health of your company hinges on the health of your SAM program, so it needs to be strategically supported and protected.

Aspera’s solutions tell you everything about your company’s software habits — from licensing needs to SaaS applications used, putting you in control of your IT costs.

A SAM program will give you the tools and information to stay compliant, purchase the right amount of licenses, and chargeback centralized IT services within your company.

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SAM maturity leads to SAM strategy

Aspera’s license management solutions help you to quickly discover opportunities to lower your enterprise’s software costs. All procurement, license and software usage data is captured, normalized and consolidated. Your IT team will get exact information about how many software licenses are needed and for which products and versions.

This data is analyzed over time to produce usage trends, which in turn enables accurate license purchase planning.

By attaining this level of SAM maturity, the IT department can strategically ensure compliance and lower licensing costs, as stakeholders are able to:

  • Correctly optimize licensing for servers, virtualization, and the data center
  • Improve data quality for ITAM and CMDB systems through transparency in software licensing and usage
  • Collaboratively integrate ITAM and ITSM processes such as app stores and software request management
  • Use accurate and up-to-date software data to quickly address critical security risks and close vulnerabilities
  • Set the stage for quick, automated compliance assessments, audit response procedures, and strategic audit prevention
  • Systematically eradicate under- and over-licensing to avoid unnecessary spending and audit risk

SAM Resources for IT

12 Steps to
Audit Defense

Audits are serious business, but Software Asset Management helps you to defend your enterprise against them. Discover quick and easy steps for protecting your company in an audit.

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Stakeholder Support for
SAM Success

Engaging stakeholders is the key to a successful Software Asset Management strategy. Read our white paper to learn how to build relationships and secure the stakeholders’ long-term support.

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Stay GDPR Compliant
with SAM

SAM solutions provide companies with a solid foundation for GDPR. By using reliable discovery tools and a SAM tool like SmartTrack, Asset Managers can ensure continued GDPR compliance.

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Turn a world of SaaS in a world of Savings

Cloud services can increase your IT spend if you don’t have transparency into your subscriptions and usage. Buying too many subscriptions, getting the wrong sized server instances, or having too much capacity can lead to overspend and shrink your company’s revenue.

SAM gives you the tools you need to reclaim your budget and get you an even greater return on your IT investments. Here’s how:

  • Capacity management – Know the number of processes, disk and storage space, the size of your database and number of database queries upfront to get the right subscriptions to meet your needs. Eliminate lag times and wasted capacity that quickly cut into your bottom line.
  • Right-sizing maintenance contracts – Measure usage to find out how many per user subscriptions you need, and when you need them. Tracking peaks and valleys will help you determine how best to allocate licenses and negotiate the right contract upfront to reduce costs now and over time.
  • Manage terms and conditions – Your existing terms and conditions can give you certain benefits and entitlements when you migrate to the cloud, that buying new licenses might not. Knowing what you have and what you can do with it will open up doors to save costs that you haven’t taken advantage of yet.

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Reduce SaaS costs by up to:




over lifetime of subscription

Maximize your SaaS investment with SAM

Software as a Service is easy. Users pay as they go for the subscriptions they need, get their logins and they’re ready to go. No bureaucratic hurdles to jump or red tape to cross. But you still have to manage those subscriptions and the costs. Unused subscriptions or underutilized entitlements can rack up unnecessary charges on. A SAM tool along with well-defined processes can keep SaaS costs low and put money back in your budget. Here’s how:

  • Joiners, Movers, Leavers – This process keeps track of where employees, contractors, and partners are in their lifecycle, so you can decide which subscriptions they need, when to activate and deactivate them.
  • Reharvest or reclaim licenses – If subscriptions are not used, deactivate them and return them to your app store. When new demands arise, you can fulfill them with existing subscriptions instead of purchasing new ones. A SAM tool can help automate this entire process for you.
  • Usage Monitoring – Over compensating in contracts adds to budget bloat. By monitoring usage, you can decide which contract size meets your needs now and use trend data to forecast the future based on actual need. Now you’re planning contracts, rather than guesstimating.

These resources will help you boldly enter the Cloud Frontier

Go boldly into SAM’s newest frontier – SAM processes are the way to SaaS management. Discover which processes you need and how they help your IT reduce costs.

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Solve the cloud data puzzle – Want more transparency in the cloud, but aren’t sure what data you need? This white paper helps put the data puzzle together for you.

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SAM is high profile – New software is coming in cloud-only versions and businesses are steering to move into the cloud. Your SAM team needs to get involved in managing cloud services and costs.

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SAM Solutions for Every IT Type and Size

Your motto is “all or nothing”?

Aspera SmartTrack covers all the important vendors like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, and accurately calculates complex metrics for every device: servers, clients, mobile, and cloud. Identify up to 30% savings in software licenses, and reveal high-risk compliance gaps.

Strategic Platform for SAM

Create a smoother cloud transition for IT

Get more out of your cloud investments without taking more out of your IT budget. Aspera tools give you a clear view of all user accounts, subscriptions, and cost relevant aspects. Identify over-provisions subscriptions and get help with managing contracts.

SAM for Office 365     SAM for Salesforce

Connect to your vendors in a whole new way

LicenseControl is a dedicated tool for optimizing software licenses and contracts for your most important vendor like Oracle or SAP. It gives a complete overview of your compliance and audit risks, and finds reduced license and maintenance costs.

Optimize your Oracle     Optimize your SAP

Focus on your most important vendor

It's time to rethink Software Asset Management for:

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