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SmartTrack arms every SAM stakeholder with a complete understanding of your enterprise’s software usage and assets.

Software asset management IT license solutions

Hit your target every time

Software Asset Management isn’t just about counting licenses and software installations. It is the lifeblood of a large organization. The health of your company hinges on the health of your SAM program, so it needs to be strategically supported and protected.

Aspera SmartTrack tells you everything about your company’s software habits, putting you in control of your license position.

53% of IT professionals said that containing costs is among their top priorities.

Computerworld 2015 Forecast Survey of IT Executives


SAM maturity leads to SAM strategy

SmartTrack’s license management helps you to quickly discover opportunities to optimize your enterprise’s software portfolio. All procurement, license and software usage data is captured, normalized and consolidated. Your IT team will get exact information about how many software licenses are needed and for which products and versions.

This data is analyzed over time to produce usage trends, which in turn enables accurate license demand planning. By attaining this level of SAM maturity, the IT department can strategically ensure compliance and lower licensing costs, as stakeholders are able to:

  • Correctly optimize your licensing for servers, virtualization, and the data center
  • Improve data quality for ITAM and CMDB systems through transparency in software licensing and usage
  • Collaboratively integrate ITAM and ITSM processes such as app stores and software request management
  • Set the stage for quick, automated compliance assessments, audit response procedures, and strategic audit prevention
  • Systematically eradicate under- and over-licensing to avoid unnecessary spending and audit risk

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