Software Asset Management for Procurement

Software Asset Management for Procurement

Strategic insights to fuel your purchasing

License Procurement Solutions: SAM strategies for better buying

Turbo charge your purchasing and contract negotiations with strategic licensing insights.

Software Asset Management turbo charges procurement by giving you the information you need for strategic purchasing and contract negotiations. Keeping your business on track requires insights into your software needs and contract options as well as strong vendor relations. Get all of this with a Software Asset Management tool, and start making strategic purchasing decisions, lowering costs, and strengthening your negotiating position.

Software License Management – whether on-premises or in the cloud – eliminates purchasing blind spots, making it faster, more efficient, and more responsive to business needs.

  • Track trends and anticipate future software needs with usage data
  • Find the right options for your environment using license simulations
  • Gain transparency into your current agreements by maintaining a contract inventory to boost your compliance position and save time

Never again buy software licenses or subscriptions you don’t need, and partner with your most important vendors to get the contracts that will help you pull ahead of the competition.

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Eliminate Procurement blind spots

The rapid pace of technological change can sometimes leave procurement with purchasing blind spots, and give vendors the upper-hand in purchasing.

A Software Asset Management tool puts you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to purchasing new software and negotiating contracts.

  • Know what you have. Get transparency into your software environment, including a complete overview of all software products on-premises and in the cloud, contract data, and terms and conditions.
  • Know what you need. Use trend reports and simulation of your licenses needs to make the right purchasing decisions over 3 to 5 year contact periods.
  • Automate for adaptability. Receive automatic reports, so your company can react quickly and effectively to changing software licensing demands.

With a robust SAM program, Procurement can develop a strategy for more cost-effective software purchasing, identify needs, and stay ahead of the competition.

SAM resources for procurement

Make SAM a part your business strategy

A successful Software Asset Management strategy depends on the long-term inclusion and support of important stakeholders in your company. Learn how to convince the stakeholders of the significance of Software Asset Management.

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Audit Defense: Level the field with SAM

An audit can lead to discrepancies between a company's actual compliance position and the one produced by the auditor. Find out how a company can use SAM to prove that its data is correct, and effectively level the negotiations playing field.

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Write Your Oracle Happy Ending

Getting the right contracts is the key to keeping your Oracle costs low. Learn how Software Asset Management can give you the insight you need to negotiate the licensing contracts you need to stay ahead of the competition.

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Start negotiations in the pole position

Aspera’s solutions leverage your existing systems while adding the essential Software License Management piece. Built-in connectors integrate with your existing procurement processes, so you can streamline your purchasing for software, regardless of the backend ERP, purchasing portal, or spend-generating platforms that are used.

Then our SAM tools consolidate and normalize usage data, enabling you to drive contract renewal negotiations with major software suppliers, and to prepare for true-ups with greater efficiency.

With a Software License Management tool, you can achieve:

  • An enterprise-wide inventory of all currently owned or leased software licenses
  • A centralized consolidation of enterprise contracts that brings greater transparency
  • Comparisons of licensing models that intelligently uncover the most cost-effective options
  • Stronger vendor negotiation from knowing how many licenses to purchase and which models
  • Trimmed maintenance agreements that reflect the actual license need and bring significant cost savings
  • Compliance overviews to eliminate risk and over-licensing

SAM Tools to turbo charge your procurement

LicenseControl for Data Center

LicenseControl for Data Center runs advanced analytics for the most important server vendors to optimize and control your licenses, contracts, and cost avoidance.

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Manage you Oracle licenses


Aspera SmartTrack is the SAM technology for large enterprises, calculating exactly the software licenses you need for compliance and up to 30% savings.

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LicenseControl for

LicenseControl for Cloud helps your company to understand, predict and control cloud service costs. Understand your Cloud usage at any point in time.

Optimize Office 365

Control your Salesforce licenses

Procurement in the cloud

Buying software in the cloud can be great for your stakeholders because they get what they need when they need it – no wait times for purchasing and set-up, and easy, internet-based access –. But it can be a headache for Procurement.

Who owns the cloud?

If cloud services aren’t centrally purchased, then who has the overview, and who is responsible for maintaining the subscriptions and ensuring that they are needed? With a Software Asset Management solution, Procurement can see which business units are purchasing which cloud services and keep track of usage. More importantly, they can do this without restricting the flexibilities that cloud offers so stakeholders are still happy.

Strategic cloud purchasing

As more purchasing is decentralized thanks to the cloud, Procurement can use its resources to focus on strategy and not on fulfilling requests. With a Software Asset Management program in place, Procurement can eliminate redundant and unnecessary licenses purchases while ensuring the best contractual terms and conditions. It can use these insights to help business units find the right and most cost-effective software solutions, and maximize a company’s resources, creating strategic value.

Negotiating the future of your cloud

With a complete overview of usage, terms and conditions, and contract details, Procurement is prepared to work with vendors to find the right contracts for your company’s needs. Even if purchasing has been decentralized, Procurement still plays a decisive role in developing contracts that will cover all your company’s needs and keep costs low. Only a complete SAM solution can provide Procurement with the information and data it needs to work with vendors and find the best possible contracts.

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