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License Procurement Solutions: Smarten Your SAM Buying

Take the guesswork out of license purchasing with valuable SmartTrack data that informs your contract renewals and true-ups.

Aspera SmartTrack license procurement solutions

Avoid empty financial calories

Skip those all-you-can-eat Enterprise License Agreements. “Buying smarter” means you are contracting and procuring software in ways that ensure your license compliance.

Knowing everything about your organization’s software contracts and software usage habits is what empowers you to buy smarter. Aspera SmartTrack provides fast access to that license information.


Negotiate savings that hit the bottom line

SmartTrack is an industry-leading solution that leverages your existing systems while adding the essential Software License Management piece. Our built-in connectors integrate with your existing procurement processes so you can streamline your purchasing for software, regardless of the backend ERP, purchasing, or spend-generating platforms that are used.

Then the contract, maintenance, and usage data is expertly consolidated and normalized within SmartTrack. This information enables you to drive contract renewal negotiations with major software suppliers, and to prepare for true-ups with greater efficiency.

  • An enterprise-wide inventory of all currently owned or leased software licenses
  • A centralized consolidation of enterprise contracts that brings greater efficiency
  • Comparisons of licensing models that intelligently uncover the most cost-effective options
  • Stronger vendor negotiation from knowing how many licenses to purchase and which models
  • Trimmed maintenance agreements that reflect the actual license need and bring significant cost savings

Are you getting the right support for your SAM Project?

A successful Software Asset Management strategy depends on the long-term inclusion and support of important stakeholders in your company. This whitepaper will show you how to convince the stakeholders of the significance of Software Asset Management.

Make SAM a part of your business strategy

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