Managing Sales & Marketing Software

Release your revenue potential with Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management Strategies for Sales and Marketing

Increase revenue, not costs, with software license management

Defend your budget by strategically managing your software licenses. The best Sales and Marketing strategies integrate the latest digital tools and solutions to generate and qualify leads, expand old markets and capture new ones, and to successfully convert interest into a sale. But these tools cost money, and over time they can eat into your budget.

Defend your budget with a Software Asset Management solution. Keep your licensing costs for Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, and other sales and marketing tools low by...

  • Tracking usage to monitor for unused and under-used licenses
  • Automatically assigning unused licenses
  • Finding the best license combinations for your environment
  • Staying within storage limits

Boost the value of your software solutions by getting the most out of the licenses you already have. Whether it’s in the cloud, on-premises, or in a unique hybrid environment, we've got you covered. Get a complete overview of our full product portfolio.

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The SaaS Spend Surprise

Your most important apps could be costing you more than you realize. Unused, underutilized, and duplicate licenses add to your expenses without contributing to your bottom line. Don’t spend money on a resource that no one is using; reinvest that budget in new Sales & Marketing initiatives.

Become the MVP

Let everyone in the C-suite know that you’re in charge of your software environment by implementing a Software Asset Management solution. By getting a bird’s eye view of your licenses, you can gain control over your cloud apps and maximize your investment, saving money and innovating the way you do business.

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Come out of the (IT) shadows

One of the largest software challenges is shadow IT. Shadow IT develops when individual business units start purchasing software – whether on-premises or in the cloud – without informing central IT or their Software Asset Management team about the purchases. While this allows the business units to respond more quickly and flexibly to their changing needs, it can lead to unnecessary license purchasing – a potential budget buster.

Is my IT in the shadows? Have you purchased software recently? If you have, and you haven’t informed central IT or your SAM team, then yes, you are part of Shadow IT.

Let in the light: The good news is that you can get out of the shadows without sacrificing your flexibility. Informing central IT about software purchases or licensing changes is easy:

  1. Maintain purchase records – Keep receipts and invoices for all software and license purchases.
  2. Inform central IT or your SAM team – Let them know what you’re using and what the terms of the contracts and licenses are. Allowing them to create a central overview of what’s being used throughout the company can keep software costs low.
  3. Get a SAM tool – If your company isn’t yet doing Software Asset Management, do it yourself. SAM tools exist for specific vendors and products that are intuitive, easy to use, and can help you control your costs while you’re generating revenue.

Software Asset Management resources for Sales & Marketing

Stop SaaS from eating-up your software budget

In this webinar, learn how SaaS licensing experts find huge cost saving opportunities in controlling cloud apps used enterprise-wide.

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Software Asset Management & Software as a Service

Get your SAM program ready for the cloud by taking a process-based approach. Processes such as Software Reharvesting bring you into the future.

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Protect your Salesforce investment

LicenseControl for Salesforce optimizes your company’s accounts and software usage across all Salesforce Orgs.

Reduce your Salesforce costs

Get more out of your investment

Aspera’s solutions leverage your existing systems while adding the essential Software License Management piece. Easily integrate with almost all of your Sales and Marketing applications, so you can get a quick and complete overview of your software environment without having to engage IT specialists. Then our tools consolidate and normalize usage data, enabling you to find the best licenses and subscription combinations to drive revenue without spending more.

With a Software License Management tool, you can achieve:

  • An inventory of all currently owned or leased software licenses
  • A centralized consolidation of contracts that brings greater transparency
  • Comparisons of licensing models that intelligently uncover the most cost-effective options
  • Stronger vendor negotiation from knowing how many and which licenses to purchase
  • Trimmed maintenance agreements that reflect the actual license need and bring significant cost savings
  • Compliance overviews to eliminate risk and over-licensing

Sales & Marketing in the cloud

With cloud apps for Sales & Marketing, you can generate new leads and reach your customers more quickly than ever before, tracking their progress through the buying cycle, and giving them information they need to make smart purchasing decisions.

Buying software in the cloud is easy and hassle-free. There’s no need to wait on Procurement and Central IT for purchasing and installation, and the cloud gives you instant access to the solutions you need.

But quick, convenient access can also spell disaster for your budget if you’re not careful. Unmanaged subscriptions and licenses can quickly add up, turning your profit engine into a money pit.

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Strategic cloud licensing

You don’t need to sacrifice great technology for quick savings. Eliminate unnecessary licenses purchases while ensuring the best contractual terms and conditions.

SAM insights can help ensure that you have access to the best software and apps without cutting into revenue. Find the right and most cost-effective software solutions, maximize your resources, and create value by strategically managing your cloud subscriptions.

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