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From Creative Cloud and Document Cloud to Photoshop and Acrobat, Adobe is a key resource in creating meaningful customer experiences. But when it’s time for vendor negotiations, do you have the best information to protect your investment against penalties or to find the right cloud subscriptions? Unmanaged accounts are slow leaks in your revenue stream, but with Adobe license management, you can find them and plug them.


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Your business challenges for Adobe license management

Do you have a full view of Adobe hybrid IT?

Adobe offers cloud solutions and on-premises installations. But getting clean data from a mixed or “hybrid” environment is difficult. And without a reliable overview of how your software is used, you’re exposed to extra licensing charges. We help you get a clear picture for your Adobe license management.

What do you need in Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to the entire suite of creative apps. But are your employees using them all? Do you need full access to the suite, or are single app licenses enough? We help you decide the best combination of applications to manage the Adobe Creative Cloud license costs.

Can you find Adobe compliance risks?

Do you know which Adobe products and services you use, and how they are licensed? What if they were purchased outside of normal IT procurement channels? We help you get the oversight needed to see the financial risk of your Adobe Document Cloud license management.

4 big benefits of license management for Adobe

  • Drive business strategy. Find out which licenses, subscriptions, and apps are being used and how often to develop business-driven strategies for optimizing your Adobe environment.
  • Find the right subscriptions. By tracking usage and subscription data, you can decide whether users need access to all the Adobe Creative Cloud apps or if single app subscriptions are more cost-effective.
  • Identify long-term savings. Usage overviews give you insights into real business needs. Decide which licenses and subscriptions you need, which you can re-harvest to use again, and how to optimize for your business needs.
  • Negotiate better contracts. With a complete overview of licenses and usage, you get transparency you can use for contract renewals and true-ups to negotiate the right contract size and choose best licensing options.

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Level the Adobe negotiation playing field

To get the best contracts for your business needs, you need the right data and clear insights into your usage. But these are hard to get and hard to understand.With an Adobe license expert at your side, you can negotiate confidently, knowing you have the right information about how you use and license their tools and which subscription and license plans best meet your business needs.


How to conquer Adobe Creative Cloud licensing

Buy only the apps you need

Does an employee need full access to Adobe Creative Cloud, or are single application licenses enough? It’s important to find the best subscription options for your team’s creative needs.

Know your data, choose a plan

With the “Photography plan” gone, the cheapest Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is roughly $21/USD. How much cloud storage do you need? If you know how Adobe data  is consumed, then you can make budget-driven decisions.

Watch out for extra fees

There’s what you actually use, and what Adobe sees as the usage watermark. The latter can generate additional fees and charges, so make sure your Adobe Creative Cloud licenses are managed for how the services are truly used.

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