Salesforce SaaS Management

Salesforce SaaS Management

Keep your cloud costs on the ground

Rethink your Salesforce investment

Salesforce is an essential revenue-driving tool. But the licensing and usage fees can add up quickly, with costs as high as 8 digits in some industries. You work hard to build the perfect Customer Success Platform for your business, wouldn’t it be nice to get more out of that investment—without having to spend more? That’s what Salesforce SaaS Management is: an optimization strategy that saves you time and costs—up to 30% initially and then 20% more over the lifetime of your SaaS subscription.

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Top 3 challenges of managing Salesforce

Unused accounts go unnoticed

Salesforce only shows you the last login date. As employees join the organization, move to new roles, or leave, their accounts need to be reallocated or deactivated. How can you monitor usage and analyze inactivity across your entire organization to get the most out of your Salesforce investment?

Overstretching your resources

Salesforce doesn’t link prices to the management information, so it’s difficult and time consuming to do a cost analysis. With all the new SaaS applications being added to your organization, how can you manage Salesforce without taking up valuable resources?

Lack of transparency

Salesforce only lets you monitor accounts and usage on a per Org basis. How can you keep track of usage across multiple Orgs, so you can consolidate and right-size your Salesforce contract?

4 benefits of SaaS Management for Salesforce

  • Close data protection gaps. Ex-employee accounts can pose a risk to the security of your customer data, if their still active. Quickly find and deactivate unused accounts.
  • Get better contracts. With a complete Org overview of licenses and usage you get unprecedented transparency you can use for contract renewals to negotiate the right contract size and choose best licensing options.
  • Keep storage costs in check. Exceeding data and file storage limits can lead to unnecessary costs. Tracking your storage usage and needs enables you to stay within the limits and to avoid additional spending.
  • Manage apps. Getting an overview of your apps on the platform – such as ModelN – is just as important for controlling costs.

Resources for your Salesforce SaaS Management

SaaS cost is like an elevator that can only go up. With this new version of LicenseControl for Salesforce, Aspera found the switch to bring the elevator, in other words the cloud cost, down again. Dormant user accounts are an issue across industries. Eliminating them automatically will create continuous savings.

Jochen Hagenlocher, Global Head of SAM for a Fortune 100 company

LicenseControl for Salesforce

This cloud-based tool lowers your Salesforce costs by showing your company’s accounts, assigned licenses, and usage across all Salesforce Orgs and vendors. Then it optimizes your accounts, licenses and usage, always ensuring the Salesforce data is secure.

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Get a snapshot of SAM

The Rapid Vendor Analysis for Salesforce delivers a fast, complete overview of your Salesforce costs — done by our Software Asset Management experts. It’s a hassle free, risk-free service for Salesforce that can help you in a pinch before your next contract negotiation.

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Strategic Platform for SAM

The strategic platform for simplifying SAM. SmartTrack covers all the important vendors like SAP, Oracle Microsoft and IBM, and accurately calculates complex metrics for every device. Identify up to 30% savings in software licenses, and reveal high-risk compliance gaps.

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