Cloud, Mobile & Mainframes

License optimization for the modern workplace

Today’s SAM: The Good, the Bad & the Costly

As cloud, mobile, and mainframe computing impact your license policies, SmartTrack moves you beyond the spreadsheet and into state-of-the-art SAM.

SmartTrack answers your million-dollar question

Advances of cloud computing. Widespread adoption of mobile platforms. Increasing demand for BYOD policies, and the consumerism of IT. As more employees use multiple devices — smartphones, tablets, laptops, home computers — enterprises face the million-dollar question, "How many software licenses do we need?"

Managing enterprise-level software and licensing requires more than a spreadsheet and part-time attention. You need a SAM platform that’s designed for the compliance challenges of cloud solutions, mobile devices, and mainframes. Enter Aspera SmartTrack.


Cloud: Always track your usage data

SaaS, LaaS, IaaS, XaaS. The acronyms are numerous but cloud licensing models are typically straightforward. They’re based mostly on user accounts or usage and are typically impossible to under-license.

However, the situation changes when usage tracking data is ignored. Suddenly your license demand is surprisingly incorrect and cloud solutions become a drain on your budget.

With SmartTrack, your enterprise gains control again by using data to:

  • Accurately forecast software spending and budgets
  • Take strategic measures to control usage peaks
  • Perform valuable analyses — such as high-watermark reports — to determine cost-benefits via cloud models or traditional licensing


Mobile: Easily control your BYOD

Many software publishers have recognized the trend of IT consumerization and offer access to their business software from mobile devices such as smartphones. Mobile licensing follows simple but important metrics such as per user account or per device.

SmartTrack has Mobile Device Management (MDM) features that accurately manage these metrics to:

  • Automatically apply publisher licensing rules to mobile devices
  • Import and record device information that is required to ensure license compliance
  • Publish compliance reports that uncover where mobile devices may be under-licensed


Mainframe: Monitor your specialized metrics

Mainframe computers are still vital to the banking, insurance and government sectors. Our experience working with many of the world’s largest banks and insurance providers has shown that mainframe manufacturers and products require special knowledge and attention.

SmartTrack has features to monitor and manage mainframe licenses, allowing you to:

  • Understand the specific license metrics for mainframes — such as MSU, MIPS, zLIP, and zAAP — that can’t be calculated by counting installations
  • Integrate the dedicated systems that deliver the required data to calculate these metrics and performs the license demand calculations
  • Offer immediate compliance reports out-of-the-box