SAM in the Cloud

SAM in the Cloud

Get SaaS and SAM in one solution. Use SmartTrack in the cloud, and achieve secure License Management without the overhead.

Focus on your business — we’ll focus on you

To be successful, your company needs to concentrate on its core business. SmartTrack as a SaaS solution gives you the bandwidth to do that without the typical operating expenses. Our cloud hosting offers secure and easy access to Software License Management with the following services:

  • We supply the premises and hardware
  • We regularly back up the data
  • We admin the technology & databases
  • We maintain secure online connection
  • We import data from authorized suppliers
  • We integrate with your existing IT


100% integration, 100% online, 100% of the time

SmartTrack’s 100% web-based architecture delivers scalability and control. Our cloud service guarantees a fully operational solution — right from the get-go — which is reliable, secure, and unbeatably cost-effective.

SmartTrack in the cloud gives significant flexibility to your company in planning and implementation. We aim to meet customer-specific requirements with benefits like:

  • A lower initial investment
  • A transparent billing system
  • Reduced infrastructure needs
  • Easy integration with data collection
  • Immediately fully-operational system
  • Accelerated learning curves


Get rock-solid security and ITIL-based delivery

Aspera’s cloud service is reliable and secure, following ITIL Best Practices. This means it complies with the highest security standards, meeting the demands of large corporations and government agencies, and is regularly controlled by internal and external audits.

The cloud platform is located in Aspera’s onsite data center to ensure permanent availability and immediate response to issues. To minimize the effects of unexpected situations, we have many safeguards that keep your data secure, such as:

  • Access control
  • Comprehensive monitoring system
  • Tamper-proof alarm systems
  • GSM-networked monitoring scripts
  • Air conditioning
  • Disaster recovery plan

Try our full-service package: LaaS

There isn’t enough License Management expertise to go around, so hiring your own in-house talent is difficult and expensive.

That’s why Aspera offers more than just SaaS and cloud service. When you don’t have the staff to cover your program, our License Management as a Service (LaaS) is ready to step in.

With LaaS, we offer a one-stop-shop for all your License Management needs. LaaS unites all of our products and services into one fully customizable, full-service solution. Let Aspera do all the work for you!

Learn more about LaaS