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Cloud-Based Software Asset Management

Control your financial impact of cloud licensing with a Software Asset Management (SAM) solution for consumption and compliance

Cloud-based software asset management

Cloud technology is integrated into nearly every IT landscape. But as cloud software vendors explore new revenue options, it’s tricky to budget for their new licensing models. Your organization must stay a step ahead of the financial impact.

Our Software Asset Management platform, Aspera SmartTrack, prepares you for the challenges which the cloud brings to your IT budget and licensing position.

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Connect directly to cloud monitoring data

The backbone of a successful SAM program depends on accurate and up-to-date data sources for your software inventory. Traditional discovery tools are great for gathering on-premise usage data. But cloud services like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure directly challenge the capabilities of your current discovery tools.

How can we help? SmartTrack closes that gap by directly connecting to your cloud monitoring tools such as Amazon CloudWatch or Google Stackdriver. Relevant user data from Software as a Service (SaaS) environments such as Microsoft Office 365, WebEx and Salesforce is collected using state-of-the-art methods like REST APIs.

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Analyze your risk of cloud over-consumption

The biggest risk in cloud licensing is using more than you budgeted for. In the cloud, if you are consuming resources, then you instantly pay for it. This brings a complex tangle of consumption-driven metrics like “per use” and “per CPU hour.”

These cloud metrics carry a serious financial risk of unplanned costs. Cloud software runs all the time and its deployment is “elastic” so you get the resources that your company needs when you need them. The challenge occurs when more software is used than planned, such as a team consuming too many CPU hours. It’s a drain on your budget.

How can we help? SmartTrack accurately tracks your cloud usage, and analyzes cloud metrics for complete license optimization. Our platform fully understands cloud-specific use rights such as license mobility, and helps you use the cloud data to:

  • Understand what software is being used, how much, where and by whom
  • Decide which instances and users to move to the cloud while respecting license restrictions and requirements
  • Predict what your consumption will be on a monthly or annual basis and budget accordingly
  • Take strategic measures to control peaks in usage


Track non-compliance for cloud & hybrid

The convenience of cloud licensing also brings pitfalls for non-compliance. With on-premise software, the vendor had to knock on your door and request an audit to track your usage. Now the software is running on their servers. At any point, the cloud vendor can view an account’s activity time to evaluate if multiple users are sharing it, or see the IP address to determine if your license is used in an approved country.

Compliance is especially problematic if you are operating in a hybrid environment — half in the cloud, and half on your on-premise network. Does your license model only allow use in the cloud, or can you use both the cloud and desktop software? A big challenge is deciding which hybrid model to license for each user.

How can we help? SmartTrack makes certain that you follow the hard-to-track aspects of cloud and hybrid licensing. The platform keeps you notified about non-compliant behavior such as credential sharing, geographic access, potentially unapproved services, and indirect usage.

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