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SmartTrack puts you firmly in the IT driver’s seat

Expertise for all Major Software Vendors

License management for IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP is notoriously difficult and expensive. Auditing is an increasingly popular revenue stream for these software vendors, and that request can arrive without warning. Aspera supports your software investment throughout its lifecycle, making sure that your licenses are always in compliance and that your license costs are optimized. Breathe easier starting now.

IBM: Master the compliance maze

Recent big changes to IBM’s Passport Advantage mean new audit responsibilities and penalties for the customer. Yet Passport Advantage often doesn’t properly account for legacy licenses, while ILMT has a reputation for not being transparent. This unpredictability puts your compliance at risk, making Aspera SmartTrack more important than ever to guide you through the IBM license labyrinth.

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Microsoft: Maximize so you can minimize

Microsoft is the essential IT vendor for day-to-day business operations. But Microsoft SCCM doesn’t always reveal critical data like product use rights and specific license models. And SCCM may also have discovery issues in the data center with Microsoft SQL Server or Windows Server. Aspera SmartTrack closes that gap by recognizing all Microsoft data and applicable metrics.

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Oracle: Break free from complicated

Oracle’s complex licensing metrics and frequent changes to the rules create ever-present compliance pitfalls. Your Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is a huge investment in which every installation and license requirement counts. If Aspera SmartTrack showed you a simple way to achieve transparency — would you ever go back to complicated?

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SAP: Untangle truth from trickiness

Life with SAP is challenging. Aspera’s expert team and powerful SAM platforms ensure that you save money by assigning the most optimal license types. Now your company can confidently negotiate in the annual audit and future contracts — it’s time to change the SAP game.

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