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IBM License Optimization

IBM License Optimization: Master the Compliance Maze

Passport Advantage isn’t always reliable, and neither is ILMT. This unpredictability puts your compliance at risk, making Aspera SmartTrack more important than ever to lead you through the IBM license labyrinth to compliance.

Aspera is Your Compass Through the Labyrinth

Let’s face it: Passport Advantage often doesn’t properly account for legacy product licenses, while ILMT has a reputation for not being transparent— adding confusion and uncertainty to an already complicated process. Aspera SmartTrack guides the way. SmartTrack is a web-based solution designed to precisely manage your IBM licenses, with a specialization in the needs of large and complex organizations.

SmartTrack technology gives you the power to:

  • Automatically calculate how many licenses you need for over 100 IBM metrics, which cover 9,400 IBM products right out of the box
  • Know and follow the product use rights (PUR) along with the metrics, using field-tested tools which ensure you don’t over-deploy
  • Consolidate into one system all of your Passport Advantage Agreement records with license purchases made outside of PPA

Know the IBM Licenses You Need — Instantly — with SmartTrack

Figuring out how many IBM licenses you actually need is a difficult, detailed calculation with many variables that regularly change. Virtualization, anyone?

Aspera is the answer! Every IBM product managed in SmartTrack is linked to a Metric Engine that automatically calculates how many licenses are needed for the given software, metric, and usage situation. Our Metric Engine technology leads you through the maze of your ever-changing IT architectures by:

  • Following IBM’s specific calculation rules, such as user licensing, user value units (UVU), resource value units (RVU), million service units (MSU), tier-based metrics, and processor value units (PVU)
  • Automatically accounting for situational data including virtualization, processor technology, and hardware configurations
  • Ensuring accuracy with warnings when critical information is missing, so you can proactively close gaps before it’s too late

Normalize IBM Transitions — Automatically — with the Master Catalog

IBM’s large portfolio and constant acquisitions present more challenges. As “Big Blue” transitions a product, you need to proactively track its name change and versioning. Under the Passport Advantage contract terms, you’ll lose time and investment if you can’t trace today’s “transformed” license back to the original Proof of Entitlement (PoE).

That's why the Aspera Master Catalog is so essential. Our license experts update the catalog regularly to automatically recognize transitioned products. Our SKU-based Master Catalog is the most comprehensive in the industry, updating SmartTrack with “blue washing” data as it:

  • Tracks more than 25,000 different SKUs covering 9,400 IBM products, along with their specific use rights
  • Automatically considers and accounts for renamed products—like the recent IBM Cognos family—so you have no manual pain points
  • Always archives, but never deletes, old data so the PoE trail back is as easy as the trail forward

Gain Compliance Insight from Our IBM SAM Experts

Aspera’s expert team supports you during the crucial data collection process, ensuring the required data is delivered to the right place: SmartTrack. This means you get a comprehensive overview of your entire IBM estate in a single, uniform system. And if you don't have enough internal resources to cover your SAM activities then our team is ready to step up.

Our dedicated IBM experts can help you:

  • Check for any missing but relevant attributes regarding virtualization, hardware details, or other important data points
  • Move step-by-step through the IBM Value Basket contract, offering advice about which licenses should be selected based on your compliance report
  • Identify downgrade paths to cover your use of previous versions of the software

See SmartTrack master the IBM maze: Request a live demo