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Microsoft License Optimization

Microsoft License Optimization: Maximize so You Can Minimize

From complex server installations to business-critical applications, Microsoft is the essential IT vendor for your day-to-day business operations, so strategic SAM should be your financial priority #1
Aspera SmartTrack helps keep your priorities straight

Make the Most of Your Discovery Data

Across servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices, successful SAM begins with accurate asset discovery and inventory. Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is a reliable discovery tool, but discovery alone will not reveal critical data like product use rights and specific license models. Without an accurate inventory, your entire SAM program is built on invalid data.

SmartTrack’s powerful standard connectors fill in these data gaps by syncing with a wide range of third-party systems and databases which gather critical information on software installations and usage. These built-in connectors ensure that your Microsoft data import and inventory are complete, current and accurate—creating the foundation for a successful SAM process.

Accurately Match Metrics to Licenses

Microsoft’s server license metrics are more complex than ever with evolving innovations such as virtualization and cloud computing to consider. That’s why SmartTrack is designed to automatically match the intelligence of a vast product recognition library with an integrated catalog of over 400,000 product SKUs. The Master Catalog continuously consolidates, updates and provides this data—creating an accurate and transparent view of your Microsoft estate.

At the same time SmartTrack’s unique Metric Engines evolve in lockstep with new technology, covering all applicable Microsoft licensing metrics while recognizing the required data, licensing rules, and calculations to determine the number of licenses needed. This otherwise painstaking process is automated in SmartTrack, and you are on your way to compliance

Optimize, Simulate, and Save

Realizing a return on your Microsoft investment is determined by applying optimal licensing models—but this is easier said than done. As an invaluable extension of SmartTrack, the Optimization & Simulation Module (OSM) makes ROI a reality by putting this vital data at your fingertips so you can strategically plan for infrastructure changes and software purchases.

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