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Microsoft is the essential IT vendor for your day-to-day business operations. Its products provide the vast majority of server installations and business-critical applications. When moving from on-premises licensing to the 365 cloud services, keeping up with Software Asset Management (SAM) is a huge challenge. You need to plan strategically for infrastructure changes and software purchases, and keep your Microsoft priorities straight.

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Top challenges of Microsoft licenses

Keep up with server complexities

Microsoft has shifted its server metrics over the past 5 years, jumping from a processor-based to core-based license scheme. These changes make your licensing scenarios more complex and your costs potentially higher.

The cloud is here,
and it’s big

Microsoft is moving to the cloud and hybrid models—such as Office 365 and Azure AD—and constantly offers new services and licensable features. How do you track what is licensed for the cloud vs on-premises, vs a combination of usage?

What SQL Server licenses are needed?

Microsoft SQL Server creates a lot of questions, especially after it became core-based in 2012. What version and edition of SQL is installed? What is the licensing model? How can you allocate your licenses in the best way of see the big picture of your SQL estate?

4 more challenges in Microsoft licensing

What Windows Server licenses are needed?
Windows Server released a core model in 2016. But you also have to keep track of the earlier versions and licensing models (Processor + CAL or Server + CAL), and how different editions provide different virtualization rights.

Do you need a CAL?
Microsoft Server products might require a Client Access License. This can be a User CAL for a person or a Device CAL for a device. But some customers use both CAL types, which makes the demand more difficult to detect and measure.

Know your license mobility
Customers often assess their license needs based on static environments. So what if the IT administrator switches to live-migration or v-motion features for security reasons? Are you able to evaluate the new license requirements or least simulate what-if scenarios?

Discovery often misses critical details
Usually inventory and discovery tools provide the raw details of your IT landscape. However, they can’t always distinguish Microsoft SQL Server editions, such as Express, Standard or Enterprise. Or identify license models like Server + CAL, Processor or Core.

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Avoid the costly and complex

With the complexity and costs of Microsoft software, Strategic SAM should be your financial priority #1. But Microsoft tools like SCCM won’t reveal critical data like product use rights and specific license models, and server metrics are more difficult with virtualization and cloud computing.

Let Aspera’s tools and services solve the critical, the complex, and the costly.

Simplify SAM

Aspera solutions for mastering Microsoft’s license mayhem

Get a Snapshot of SAM

Rapid Vendor Analysis for Microsoft delivers a fast, complete overview your Microsoft licenses and what you’re actually using. Then our experts analyze your situation and explain how to reduce those Microsoft costs. It’s a hassle free, risk-free service for SAM that doesn’t require installing or buying a tool.

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Strategic Platform for SAM

The strategic platform for simplifying SAM. SmartTrack covers all the important vendors like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, and accurately calculates complex metrics for every device: servers, clients, mobile, and cloud. Identify up to 30% savings in software licenses, and reveal high-risk compliance gaps.

More about SmartTrack

Simulate your future license needs

Find the ideal license metric for every server environment by analyzing each “what if” scenario. SmartTrack Simulation identifies areas where installation costs outweigh the usage, simulate changes to your contract and license inventory, and forecast licensing needs. Find your potential for hard-cost data center savings.

Step into the future

Services for

Need help with your Software Asset Management program? Our in-house experts can manage some or all of your software licenses, and find the best costs at the lowest audit risk. Ask about our Managed Services for partial outsourcing or our full-service package of License Management as a Service (LaaS).

Get full-service SAM

Together with our partner, Aspera, we established a well-oiled license management system, where compliance and cost-effective license purchasing are routine. Our planning and budgeting processes are optimized, so that today with the help of SmartTrack, we are able to calculate the cost of software packages based on actual software usage.

Dr. Michael Markiewicz, Corporate Software License Officer Evonik Industries AG

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