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Oracle License Optimization

Oracle License Optimization: Break Free from Complicated

If Aspera showed you a simple way to: save time and costs on your ULA, answer questions about your Oracle environment in seconds, nail targets, and breeze through contracts — would you ever go back to complicated?

A Single Solution to Liberate Your Licensing

Oracle’s complex licensing metrics and their frequent, uncommunicated changes to the rules mean there are ever-present compliance pitfalls in this environment. Aspera SmartTrack is the single solution that seamlessly closes the gap. Even across complex data centers, the SmartTrack platform gives your organization a complete view of its Oracle estate by: 

  • Effectively consolidating information about low-level hardware details, physical and virtual machine mapping, and software usage
  • Automatically calculating the true license demand with its Metric Engines technology, following Oracle’s very specific metric and licensing rules    
  • Easily integrating into your IT management environment with an entirely web-based platform, and out-of-the-box connectors that plug into external systems
88% of customers feel Oracle audit requests are difficult to respond to.

Decode Oracle Metrics with SmartTrack 

SmartTrack solves the puzzle. Our SAM tool consolidates and normalizes all of the data required to accurately determine your Oracle license position. Then it automatically calculates the number of licenses required by Oracle’s metric and licensing rules, while optimizing the contract investment across your entire organization.

With SmartTrack, you get fast, expert access to: 

  • Alerts for high risk situations, such as installing on a cluster, detecting under-licensing, or detecting missing data for license metrics 
  • Oracle installations, options in use, types of machines, and virtualization
  • Advanced License Optimization that evaluates two different metrics to find significant cost reduction for a product
  • One-click compliance reports to mitigate under-licensing and audit risks

Define the Fine Print with the Master Catalog

Oracle licensing rules are a moving target. To stay on top of your compliance, SmartTrack works closely with the Aspera Master Catalog, our complete SKU database. You always have up-to-date licensing information to nail your compliance targets — even when Oracle moves the mark. 

The Master Catalog keeps SmartTrack (and you) informed as it:

  • Records and monitors the entire scope of your Oracle licensing, including entitlements, product use rights, maintenance contracts, and version updates
  • Delivers the data to SmartTrack that enables the platform to normalize your Oracle inventory 
  • Gets continuously updated with the latest Oracle licensing rules by Aspera licensing experts

Simplify Complex Contracts with Oracle Experts

Your Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is a substantial investment in which every installation and license requirement counts. And chances are that switching to another vendor would bring your business to a standstill. 

It’s a delicate situation that needs expertise to keep operating expenses low, which is why Aspera provides dedicated Oracle experts who can:

  • Utilize SmartTrack to evaluate the ULA’s cost-effectiveness based on your company’s software usage, then uncover the most economical way to procure the licenses
  • Monitor your ULA lifecycle from start to finish, and initiate the necessary steps for renewal or expiration 
  • Simplify procurement data by ensuring your license purchases are correctly recorded and associated with the right contract and product use rights


One of the world’s largest employers uses Aspera.  

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