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SAP License Optimization

SAP License Optimization: Untangle truth from trickiness

With tangled license types and tricky license metrics, you must find your true SAP usage to get truly great savings

In a tight market, customers are cash cows

Once you build an SAP system into your company, it is very difficult to remove the system from business processes and the IT landscape. The effort, costs, and risks involved are huge. Your company is now dependent on SAP both operationally and financially.

SAP knows you are vulnerable. They also know that sales increases are achieved quite effectively through their current customer base. These tactics include audit penalties for incorrect license usage and charging you high maintenance costs.

Aspera ensures you graze in green pastures

Life with SAP is challenging, so it’s important to know what’s possible in the relationship. That’s why Aspera helps you with expert people and advanced technology. You get a company with over 15 years of experience of managing SAP licenses, answering questions such as:

  • Can you use a less expensive license type than Professional User?
  • How do you ensure compliance with SAP’s required LAW measurement?
  • How can indirect usage be monitored and correctly licensed?

Best practices like these go beyond clicking buttons in an application. You need a real person to “push the right buttons” in your License Management strategy.

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Two tech platforms that ensure savings

Our expert team handles SAP’s licensing methods with the help of two powerful applications, Aspera SmartTrack and License Control for SAP® Software.

Get full license compliance. Our flagship platform, Aspera SmartTrack, provides full-featured license optimization for all essential vendors. SAP is a tricky one!

SmartTrack imports your raw SAP data and handles the first-level analysis, calculating exactly the licenses you need to be compliant. Its catalog database ships with 2,000 unique products for SAP, along with signatures and product recognition rules.

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Go way beyond compliance. License Control for SAP works as a stand-alone product or alongside SmartTrack, doing the deep detective work for advanced optimization and constant LAW compliance.

The platform analyzes the SAP licenses you already own, reassigning the most cost-effective license types for users. It measures the metrics for engines, which is a very challenging part of SAP licensing. Even better, License Control has advanced one-click simulations to suggest inexpensive new license options that you might not be aware of.

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