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Successful license management has no borders

Touchdown for International Success

From major international enterprises to Global Fortune 500s, you’ll always score with Aspera technology and services.

Global players always win at Aspera

Large enterprises are characterized by complex structures and differentiated IT landscapes. Trading companies, acquisitions, and service centers are distributed across many businesses that have completely different requirements.

From Aspera’s first customer project in 2000 — to 15 years later — our License Management is always tailored to fit international and decentralized enterprises. It’s a win-win for SAM.


Aspera is well experienced with complex enterprise structures

IT infrastructure, systems, and software have to function smoothly. A comprehensive license management needs many connections to systems in diverse affiliate businesses, countries, departments, and units. It is particularly challenging to keep the project deadlines in such an environment and to organize the required IT landscape changes for operations correctly. To achieve this, all parties involved needs know how and experiences with complex enterprise structures. This is true for the employees as well as for the service provider.


Successfully master highly complex projects together

Aspera has proven in cooperation with many customers that these challenges can be controlled. 2,000 or 200,000 clients, high end or minimum requirements, full scope or focus on selected software publishers, audit support, project or comprehensive operations – Aspera has successfully completed numerous variations of highly complex projects. Aspera’s staff ensures this success with years of experience in license management for large companies and enterprises.


Aspera solutions are uncompromisingly tailored to fit complex businesses

We are not focused on one country or region. The size of our first customer immediately asked for solutions that are both international and adjustable to suit complex organizational structures. To this day, many customers are global players and we permanently keep adjusting our tool and our know how to new requirements. This is not only about overcoming the obstacles of license management. Cultural aspects have to be taken into account, too, and processes need to be designed so that they can be deployed and accepted globally. Aspera enlarges the expertise in culturally sensitive change processes by close cooperation with its European partners and, for customers in the USA, with its US affiliate Aspera Technologies Inc.


Comprehensive services for license management in large enterprises

Find here three examples that give you insight into the entire range of our services:

Global Player

Customer: Privately held company 
Sector: Logistics
Customer since: 2010 
Headquarters: Germany 
Number of clients: more than 250,000

Scope: Project management and implementation, LaaS - License management as a Service - which takes over all operational activities (Hosting, Interface Monitoring, Master Catalog, License Clearing, Software Recognition, Extended Catalog)

Characteristics: An extremely diverse organizational structure and a decentralized IT strategy result in a very high number of legal entities and data sources that need to be integrated globally. Together with a large publisher scope and with the representation of the entire organizational structure, cooperation with this customer ranges among the most complex challenges that Aspera has met and mastered to this day.

International Sales Company with Special Legal Requirements

Customer: Privately held company 
Sector: Finance and Insurance
Customer since: 2013 
Headquarters: USA 
Number of clients: between 50,000 and 100,000

Scope: Audit Defense, project management and project support, Managed Services which take over a selection of operational activities (Hosting, Master Catalog, License Clearing, Extended Catalog)

Characteristics: A successful audit defense project prepared the ground for a permanent business relationship with Aspera. Specific requirements result in a deliberate complexity and ask for Aspera’s highest flexibility. Integrating German resources for a US customer happened as naturally and smoothly as running several SmartTrack instances for various parallel projects. The project implementation made sure that the subsequent operational activities are clearly divided between customer and Aspera.

Public Institute of Education

Customer: Public sector 
Sector: Education 
Customer since: 2009 
Headquarters: USA 
Number of clients: between 50,000 and 100,000

Scope: Project management, implementation, operational services on demand

Characteristics: Process and role concepts were accurately adjusted to the specifics of a public administration. Software contracts for public administrations contain special regulations that were mirrored by the tool. Particular access and security requirements were met. Companies in the public sector are subject to especially restrictive regulations. As a result, every aspect of license management becomes very complex and time-consuming, even for smaller organizations. Such projects do not only ask for a transparent operational method, they also need clear communication and extremely careful processing of any data. Meeting legal requirements takes top priority. In some cases and as a consequence of these requirements, a customer cannot profit from all license management aspects (as e.g. software metering). In addition, users were trained intensively and are comprehensively supported by Aspera.