The A-Model for SAM

A complete picture of data, details and defense

The Art of License Management

SmartTrack’s A-Model dashboard gives you a high-level view of key license activity and executive-level reports.

Reports & risk analysis at a click

Want an interactive view of the data flow in Aspera SmartTrack? That’s what the A-Model dashboard provides.

As you’re working in SmartTrack, click on the red, green, and yellow benchmarks for a “traffic light” depiction of all License Management activities and key performance indicators (KPIs).

SmartTrack helps to evaluate audit risks and saving potential as you are able to:

  • Uncover and resolve under-licensing risks before you get audited
  • Set up reminders for automatically renewed contracts to prevent unnecessary reinstatements
  • Negotiate maintenance contracts based on the actual amount of software used (using out of the box reports)
  • Evaluate software usage and metering data to support re-harvesting processes where unused software is uninstalled and the licenses are made available to cover other installations, instead of purchasing more licenses
  • Find less expensive software alternatives and manage the software portfolio to optimize your software investments and keep admin efforts low

Get Ultimate Transparency with the A-Model

With the A-Model, SmartTrack’s SAM dashboard, you can meet all of your license management goals dead on. Intuitive features help Software Asset Managers easily navigate through the system to ensure the Software License Management Process runs without a hitch. Here are the multiple levels that make up SmartTrack’s A-Model:


Raw Inventory: Consolidate Software Inventory Data in One Place

Software is everywhere: On PCs, notebooks, physical servers, virtual servers, mobile devices, and in the cloud. It doesn’t matter if you use SCCM, Active Directory, ServiceNow, BMC, HP, VMWare, Citrix, FlexLM, ILMT or any other tool – the standard connectors from Aspera SmartTrack effortlessly connect to all relevant systems that have to do with software discovery, deployment, and configuration management. The A-Model provides reports on the success of data imports from all the connected systems, so that Software Asset Managers can be sure that all the required data gets where it needs to be.

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Software Inventory: Data Quality at the Push of a Button

Licensable software products are the needles in the inventory-haystack. Together with Aspera’s Master Catalog, SmartTrack cleans, corrects, and completes the software inventory data. Here, the A-Model shows how SmartTrack and the Master Catalog work for you, reporting on the raw inventory data that was normalized and uncovering any issues with processing the raw inventory data.

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Effective Demand: Be on the Ball, Even When a Publisher Introduces a New License Metric… Again

The key to license compliance is calculating the effective license demand. With the software inventory and the Metric Engines from Aspera SmartTrack you can calculate your effective license demand with one click, while taking all licensing rules and entitlements into consideration – even for the most complex server and virtualization metrics. The A-Model will tell you if any important information that is required to calculate the effective demand is missing, which would negatively impact your compliance position.

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License Import Pool: The Most Comprehensive SKU-based Catalog in the Industry

SmartTrack combines all procurement information from systems like Ariba, PeopleSoft, and SAP, or from resellers like Dell e-procurement and SHI in a single repository. Using the Master Catalog, SmartTrack checks data quality, ensuring that licenses are complete, nothing goes missing, and the product use rights are recorded. The A-Model makes sure that you don’t miss a thing by reporting on all license and procurement data imports with one click.

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Update/Maintenance Licenses: Insight into Your Support and Maintenance Licenses

Update and maintenance licenses do not come into effect until they are paired with an original base license. SmartTrack’s update and maintenance inventory ensures that update and maintenance licenses do not go unpaired and to waste. The A-Model informs you about the quantity of unassigned update licenses and licenses with expired maintenance.

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Effective Licenses: What Exactly Are You “Entitled” to?

Licenses contain entitlements and product use rights that are key to Software License Optimization and compliance. Aspera SmartTrack automatically and accurately deploys the license entitlements and helps you efficiently distribute licenses within your company, while the A-Model reports on the overall amount of effective licenses.

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Compliance Position: One-click Compliance

Aspera’s solution allows you to zero in on the product and organizational unit and flexibly set the amount of detail in the compliance report. A comparison of software usage and license procurement data is carried out in the compliance report, which serves as the basis for every purchase decision and audit response. The A-Model shows with one click your under-licensing and over-licensing position to help prioritize actions, reduce audit risks, and licensing costs.

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Financial Position: Make Prioritizing Risks and Budget Planning a Breeze

Legal compliance is only the beginning of the story. Ultimately, everything revolves around the investment – the licenses – that needs to be managed. SmartTrack’s innovative Price Assistant automatically suggests reference prices based on publisher list prices and your procurement data. With reference prices you can analyze under and over-licensing from the business side. Attaching a price-tag to each license allows you to demonstrate the savings achieved through effective license management or to inform colleagues about the financial risks of making unannounced changes to hardware configurations. The A-Model supports you by reporting on the number of products with and without reference prices.

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Aggregated Position: Enterprise-wide License Management at Your Fingertips

License management is a Big Data activity, which means you need high-level reports to get a bird’s eye view and to make the right business decisions. Aspera’s Compliance Intelligence delivers polished and clear information - whether you’re interested in the entire company or certain cost centers, multiple publishers or just a single product. Compliance Intelligence takes you from a summation of the enterprise and all publishers down into detailed compliance results for a single device and user – with the click of a mouse. Here, the A-Model offers executive level reporting on the overall financial value of under and over-licensing within the organization.

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