10 Influential KPIs that Prove the Business Value of SAM

In this webinar you will explore 10 powerful KPIs that prove the value of Software Asset Management (SAM) to your stakeholders.

Measuring and reporting on the right metrics let SAM managers communicate the winning benefits of a SAM program. This oversight ensures that your resources are focused on the most impactful initiatives.

Your speakers will share 10 KPIs tailored for Data Collection, Compliance and Optimization based on cost, risk, and value. Leave this webinar knowing how to provide relevant, meaningful reporting dashboards to stakeholders across multiple business processes and units.

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January 29th @11am  

Data Collection

1.  How many devices do I have in total and how many of them are tracked by any inventory solution on a regular base.
2.  Number of devices with metering data to identify no longer used software installations.
3. Completeness of connections to on-premises infrastructure and cloud platforms (IaaS/ PaaS).


4.  Top 5 over-licensed vendors and top 5 under-licensed vendors.
5.  Compliance status regarding the usage of Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefits.
6. End-of-life date for software contracts incl. the related license volumes.
7. Overview of the current spend for cloud services (Iaas/PaaS/SaaS).


8.  Overview of indirect usage scenarios.
9.  Re-harvesting and downsizing for Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions.
10. Overview of the used software components from Adobe.


Fabian Kowalski

Fabian joined Aspera in 2015 as a Customer Service Manager. In this role, he implemented new SAM projects and supported existing customers. He also consulted on several major software license compliance audit projects. In 2017, Fabian was promoted to Senior Systems Engineer. He develops and designs Software Asset Management solutions for enterprises across Europe. Prior to joining Aspera, his work focused on handling complex IT Outsourcing deals.

Christopher Brune - Product Manager

Christopher Brune has 10+ years of experience in the IT and Software Asset Management industry. Before joining Aspera, Christopher worked as a SAM Consultant with focus on tool evaluation, license verification process, and audit assistance, particularly on Microsoft related projects. As Product Manager, Christopher is responsible for the continuous improvement of SmartTrack and corresponding standards to support the implementation process.