3 Steps to Rock Solid SAM in 2018

Description & Learning Objectives

In this webinar Robbie Plourde helps you identify your stage of SAM maturity and defines a crystal clear plan for involving stakeholders in your SAM program: move beyond compliance and take a strategic approach to delivering ITAM progress. Using real-life SAM success stories as a guide, learn to promote ITAM internally within your company, evangelizing with key stakeholders and how best to spread the word regarding the benefits and ongoing progress of your ITAM program.

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In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  •  Identifying common challenges - and solutions – faced per Maturity level
  • Defining protocols that leverage your data and resources to organize your team
  • Align stakeholder and provide transparent communication
  • Build a road map which secures ongoing senior management attention
  • Bridge critical gaps between people, process and technology
  • How to build a reporting process that encourages continuous improvement

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About the speaker: Robbie Plourde

Robbie is responsible for Global Sales Engineering and is the License Management program leader. He has led process improvement initiatives and developed solutions for strategic and operational business goals for over a decade. Robbie holds both (PCOLM) Practitioner Certificate in Oracle License Management and (PCILM) Practitioner Certificate in IBM License Management.