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Call to Arms: Aspera Knights IT Managers for Audit Defense

Strategies to defend your company in a software audit

Strategies to defend your company in a software audit

Surviving a software audit can feel like a Medieval joust—and when your opposition is a major software vendor you can feel exposed and defenseless. This Aspera webinar examines the most important lessons learned from Audit Defense, including specific red flags to watch out for during IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle audits.

We will also cover important post-audit necessities such as internal transfer of licenses for local compliance, and creating cost-charging methodologies to ensure that a given business unit is reimbursed for procurement on behalf of an under-licensed unit. So get your audit-ready suit of armor on with insight into critical dos and don’ts throughout the process, and arm yourself with proven actions and strategies for gathering the necessary data to defend your company in the midst of a license compliance audit.

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