Complete Guide to Managing Software Audits

This focus-driven session gives your team an audit defense plan delivered by software license audit experts.

In this best-practices webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Proactively respond to software compliance audits from mega-vendors such as Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft
  • Understand exactly what data each vendor needs – and doesn’t need, during a software compliance audit
  • Communicate with stakeholders to ensure a secure, efficient process that protects your company from compliance risk
  • Generate accurate, time-saving reporting that gives you a leading edge for contract negotiations
  • Incorporate proven best practices into your software license audit defense plan
  • Guest speaker Rich Reyes, from Connor Consulting shares best practices gleaned from successfully driving numerous software audits for enterprise customers.



Rich Reyes, Executive Vice President at Connor Consulting

Rich Reyes is an Executive Vice President (EVP) for the global Software Advisory Solutions practice at Connor Consulting. He brings 20 years of thought leadership around software licensing & compliance, technology asset management, and IT sourcing. Rich has performed hundreds of software audits on behalf of major vendors, established an ITAM/SAM practice for a Fortune 100 retailer, and continues to advise companies on practical ways to mitigate vendor licensing risks and optimize IT supplier spend. He’s also a frequent speaker at industry events.

Fabian Kowalski, Senior Systems Engineer at Aspera

Fabian joined Aspera in 2015 as a Customer Service Manager. In this role, he implemented new SAM projects and supported existing customers. He also consulted on several major software license compliance audit projects. In 2017, Fabian was promoted to Senior Systems Engineer. He develops and designs Software Asset Management solutions for enterprises across Europe. Prior to joining Aspera, his work focused on handling complex IT Outsourcing deals.