Webinar: Grow your SAM Impact using Customized Services & Support


What kind of services do you need to support your SAM objectives?

Join this webinar to understand the building blocks of successful Software Asset Management and how SAM Services deliver improved results. See how to:

  • Assess your SAM maturity level - Manage tool operation, data management, usage & demand
  • Understand entitlements & complex contracts, balance creation, and optimization
  • Navigate vendor scenarios such as software audits, contract negotiation, true-ups, or portfolio changes (e.g. like Oracle Java

Using customer examples, our speakers show you how to select the SAM partner that meets your company’s needs.

Gartner predicts “By 2021, growing challenges of managing multiple environments and usage scenarios, combined with SAM skills shortages, will increase the usage of SAM managed service providers by 40%.” Source: Market Guide for Software Asset Management Managed Service Providers. Published: 09 February 2018, authors Stephen White)