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Mastering Strategic License Management in 2016

In this exclusive webinar, IBSMA Executive Director Steven Russman and Aspera Co-founder and President Christof Beaupoil review the latest software license management and compliance trends, changes, and hurdles you can expect to face in 2016. SAM-proof your cloud investment with insider tips and expert advice.

Based on research from the IBSMA's 2015 License Compliance Survey, Steven Russman will cover:

  • What keeps SAM pros up at night?
  • How many audits can you expect in 2016?
  • Which publishers will be your biggest focus next year?
  • Who has a plan for tackling the cloud?

Christof Beaupoil will provide solution strategies to achieve compliance as you transition to cloud-based subscription services. Learn how to best prepare for a rise in audit activity as vendors attempt to recoup declining license revenues profit margins, and how to leverage upcoming audits to drive your software asset management efforts, and negotiate improved deals on cloud services and maintenance fees.

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