Webinar: How to Win at Microsoft Compliance Verification Audits and SAM Assessments


If you have Microsoft software agreements, you’re required to perform mandatory compliance reviews of your company's use of Microsoft products and services.

In this webinar, learn cost-saving insider tips while you get a comprehensive overview of Microsoft “voluntary” SAM Assessments, and the more formal compliance verification audit process.

Find out how to:

  • Navigate audit 101 basics – and know what data you need to be prepared
  • Get the upper hand by finetuning your own art of negotiation
  • Avoid penalization and ensure the most cost-effective options for notoriously tricky areas like CALs, SQL, Hotdesk, and MSDN
  • Identify common MLS issues and understand entitlements
  • Prevent licensing gaps in your Microsoft environment
  • Outline best practices to ensure visibility of your estate