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Mar 06, 2018 | 02:00 pm EST | 07:00 pm GMT | 08:00 pm CET

Oracle ULA Contracts: What is it? Why choose it? How to exit?

March 6th @ 12pm GMT and 2pm ET

Get details on the legal risk associated with ULA contracts and learn why many Oracle customers struggle to exit. Having an Oracle ULA doesn’t necessarily ensure compliance. Using customer examples, we’ll share insights on why you should choose a ULA contract, and how to reduce maintenance streams. We will provide strategies to maximize the value of a ULA contract.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand Oracle ULA contracts
  • Evaluate the risks and benefits
  • Maximize the value of ULA contracts
  • Define exit strategies for ULA contracts
  • Stay protected and compliant


Maxime Pawlak

Maxime has worked in Software Asset Management for several years, and is driven by supporting customers with license optimization for software vendors, especially around Oracle where he has been assisting customers for more than 10 years. As the Head of Aspera France, he is focused on high level cloud and license management solutions for Oracle customers, saving millions in cost avoidance and maintenance reduction for his customers. His goal is to enable customers to pay the fair amount of money for what licenses they really use. Not more.

Eléonore Varet

Eléonore has been a tech lawyer and expert on licensing and software audits for 10 years before joining Easytrust, previously her client and partner, as Vice President Business Management. She has advised mid and large companies on all sorts of contractual issues linked to their IT and digital projects and knows all the tips regarding licensing contracts and software audits. Eléonore is a reputed author and speaker on licensing and audits.

Vincent Thévenet

Vincent worked 14 years for Oracle before joining Easytrust, where he worked as SAM expert and project manager during 3 years. He is now in charge of the Consulting team of Aspera France. He was involved in many different SAM projects (SAM Compliance Analysis, optimization, audit defense, ULA ending, …) for small, mid and large companies. Vincent is recognized as an Oracle licensing expert by his customers and his peers.