Webinar: Oracle virtual environments


Virtualization for Oracle environments is one of the leading causes of non-compliance and frictions with the publisher. Oracle's position on this topic, but also virtualization, cloud and containerization technologies are constantly evolving. These evolutions imply new risks and ever-changing optimization techniques.

Through the webinar, you will get answers to your questions about virtualization of Oracle technologies and will be informed of the latest developments on the subject:

  • Reminder of the latest Oracle rules for virtualized environments, and the associated main risks: Vmware, AIX / LPM, Solaris, HP-UX, Oracle VM, Containers (Docker, Kubernetes ...), Cloud (Azure, AWS ...)
  • What are the best practices for controlling and optimizing Oracle licenses in virtualized and hybrid environments? How to reduce costs and control risks?
  • A practical case from a customer experience will be exposed