A Tribute to Pacman: How to stop SaaS from eating-up your software budget

Years ago, all my pocket money went into Pacman. I couldn’t stop playing until every last quarter disappeared into the machine. SaaS subscriptions are a lot like that insatiable yellow mouth. They appear simple and fun at first, but if you’re not careful, they’ll gobble up your entire software spend.

As ever-hungry Cloud consumption increases, your software dollars are magically vanishing. Yes, SaaS is hungry and it’s coming after your software budget. SaaS subscriptions are widely accessible which makes them a challenge to control and difficult to track. And without proper oversight, subscription software will quickly deplete your budget, rather than grow your business efficiencies.

In this webinar, learn how SaaS licensing experts find huge cost saving opportunities in controlling enterprise-wide used Cloud Apps. Applications like Salesforce and O365 represent a significant portion of your software budget and demand your focus. Find out how to:

  • Limit your SaaS spend
  • Centralize your contracts
  • Optimize your licenses
  • Evaluate tool supported alternatives

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Jochen Hagenlocher - Head SAM CH Fortune 100 Company

ITAM Professional of the Year 2016, SAM Enthusiast