Webinar: “Software in a Box”
The Best Way to Manage Software Assets in Containers

June 4th | 11:00 am ET

Join this session to learn:

  • How do vendors license their software for containers?
  • What container data is relevant for Software Asset Management, and how do you get it?
  • What software license compliance risks are associated with container technology?
  • How can you save software costs using container technology?

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Software containers, relatively new and very popular technologies, may not be on most Software Asset Software Asset Managers’ radar. But because the additional virtualization level of containers can hide software from software discovery tools, organizations without an overview of their software container infrastructure face significant software license compliance and security risks.

Your speakers

Christian Seeling

Senior Business Developer

For over ten years, Dr. Christian Seeling has supported the Software Asset Management interests of Aspera customers. He leads the development of our SmartTrack core product with a focus on cost optimization and cloud. In so doing, he observes the development of cloud service providers and translates customer demands into new features. Before joining Aspera, Dr. Seeling researched knowledge management and information retrieval at the Frauenhofer Gesellschaft..