Reuse, Recycle: How software re-harvesting drives cost savings

Paying for unused or underused software licenses is like paying for that well intentioned gym membership that collects dust in your wallet – except these costs add up a lot faster. So, how do you avoid overspend and increase your Software Asset Management ROI? The answer is using automated software re-harvesting: monitor unused or underused software installations and identify opportunities to re-allocate or remove instances across your organization.

In this webinar, learn re-harvesting best practices including how to:

  • Understand what data you’ll need to collect metering information
  • Build a transparent approach for discovering unused or underused software
  • Meet the specific requirements of different products or departments
  • Demonstrate the value of re-harvesting to ensure stakeholder buy-in
  • Design a more efficient end-to-end process for re-harvesting

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About the speaker: Christian Mueller

Christian joined Aspera in 2013 as a Consultant, bringing more than 10 years of experience in project management. He successfully managed SAM projects for different medium and large enterprise customers, building a strong expertise in SAM technology and in Oracle and Salesforce licensing. In his current role as Solution Architect, Christian now focuses on developing answers to the ever evolving challenges of Software Asset Management. In addition he acts as Product Solution Manager for the Financial Management component of SmartTrack.