Webinar: The Fearless Guide to Oracle Audits

Learn how to actively manage and control Oracle audits. Oracle’s complex licensing models make metering usage extremely challenging, and Oracle has the contractual right to audit customers, at any time. This webinar gives you the tools to be Oracle-audit ready and walks you through exactly how to navigate your next audit.

Leave this session equipped with a guide to build your own audit-defense strategy and methodology to successfully handle an Oracle audit.

Watch now:

Using real-life examples of ULA exits, Java, and other complex Oracle audit scenarios, learn how to:

  • Focus on measurement complexity
  • Avoid common traps such as options, virtualization, editions, etc.
  • Examine intricacies of contract interpretation
  • Understand how to prepare for an audit, including common contract mistakes like customer definitions, geographic restrictions, etc.
  • Minimize unplanned non-compliance fees