USU World Feature: SAP® Digital Access


How to Avoid a Pricey Surprise

If you’re an SAP® customer, you’re probably all too familiar with SAP’s encouragement to move companies from the legacy licensing model for SAP Indirect Access to its document licensing under SAP Digital Access.

In this short session, our SAP experts explain how you can:

  • Get clarity on SAP Digital Access licensing and how to get full transparency of all your Indirect Access scenarios to avoid unexpected costs
  • Understand changes in SAPs license audit organization and how this impacts audit resolution
  • Determine which SAP licensing models make most sense for your organization and avoiding common licensing pitfalls, unnecessary costs and compliance issues

An accurate forecast is crucial for paying a fair price for your SAP licenses. How else would you know that the DAAP and document licensing is to your advantage? Want to use SAP's Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP) to your advantage? Our SAP licensing team shows you how.