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Aspera Software Asset Management Services

For successful Software Asset Management, you can’t install a tool and flip a switch. That’s why our Services team is here for you. Do you want to out-task your essential daily processes, or put our expertise toward your long-term operations and strategy? We design our Software Asset Management services around your needs, for rock-solid assurance that your company can focus on its core business and the big picture.

Three levels of SAM Services designed for you

License Compliance

Your fast view of risk & savings

Have a true-up negotiation that is pending, or concerned about an audit? Get a fast path to your license compliance and cost avoidance.

Our “Rapid Vendor Analysis” service looks at the major areas of concern and spending for your biggest vendor, such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, or SAP. Aspera experts deliver a report of your software usage, licensing costs and compliance issues.

See how to save per vendor in a hassle free, risk-free analysis.


Managed Services

Find the best fit for support

Your SAM journey doesn’t end when the technology is in place. Now you can deliver real value and ROI.

Think of us as an extension of your team. What would you like to out-task? Our Services experts can help your operations and reporting, while focusing on quality assurance and high-quality data.

We ensure your company spends less time reacting to the SAM data, and more time acting on its insights.


SAM as a Service

Want us to handle everything?

When you can’t cover your SAM program or prefer scalable staff, our full-service package can step in.

“SAM as a Service” unites our products and services into one customizable solution. You decide the resources to dedicate to SAM, both internally and externally. You always get in-house Asperians who are experts on the vendors as well as our products.

Let us manage your SAM program while you focus on business priorities.

  • Know what you’re using for a key vendor
  • Get ahead of audits by finding incorrect use
  • Prevent unexpected fees in yearly true-up
  • Prepare for negotiations in contract renewal
  • Get a short-term fix if you don’t have budget for full-blown SAM
  • See a reliable license balance anytime
  • Integrate and manage IT change
  • Realize your cost saving potential
  • Keep your software list up-to-date
  • Make SAM successful by getting your most valuable asset: Time
  • Engage us for ongoing everyday tasks
  • Get additional help for just a few weeks
  • Get support in critical times and projects
  • Consolidate all data in a single platform
  • Protect SAM with an experienced response to audits and true-ups

Gartner Peer Insights

Aspera ranks in top “Customer Choice Zone” for Gartner Peer Insights

We’re proud to announce that Aspera has landed in the highly competitive upper right “Customer Choice Zone” for the Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer” SAM Tools Customers’ Choice quadrant. Here’s what our customers have to say about working with Aspera…

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A Services team backed by our own tools

Other software companies bring in a third party or outside consultants to handle their services. We are the only SAM solutions company that does both: in-house technology and an in-house team. You don’t have to communicate between third parties, or deal with the gaps and downtime that inevitably happen.

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