Data Quality & Migration

Your SAM success depends on rock-solid data and DQM

Our Software Data Quality Guarantee

Good data drives an audit — we make sure yours is airtight

Our software data quality guarantee

The quality of your software license data means the difference between saving and spending. Data is complex and interdependent, and a flawed database can be painful to unravel. If the data isn’t accurate, then the license optimization results won’t be either.

That’s why Aspera ensures that your SAM operation uses correct and complete data. With our platform and services, you know the data is clean and accurate, and you can trust the numbers that you see.

Data Quality: Get rock-solid analysis

Our SAM solution, Aspera SmartTrack, ensures the highest Data Quality Management (DQM). The platform offers user-friendly monitoring and analysis of all the data for all of your devices.

You can immediately see what data has been processed, what was missed, and why. SmartTrack checks all critical data issues, then provides insight into the quality and how to improve it. And SmartTrack has a rock-solid foundation to improve the data in related SAM systems such as the CMDB.

Got DQM? SmartTrack gives you:

Don't have DQM? Here's what happens:

  • Verifies imported data automatically = Trust your data points
  • License purchases aren’t recorded = Licensing costs are incorrect
  • Warns when/what data is missing = Get accurate license compliance
  • Organization info is inaccurate = Cost breakdowns are incorrect
  • Displays status of each record = Immediately know your inventory
  • Hardware data is incomplete = Licensing requirements are incorrect
  • Pinpoints data discrepancies = Read reports instead of log files
  • Reference prices are missing = Financial forecasting is incorrect


Data Migration: When two (or more) become one

Your data migration project can be huge, with hundreds of data sources, especially if your company is enterprise level. Whether you are migrating 4 or 400 data sources, 500 or 50,000 license purchases, 20,000 or 20,000,000 installation registries – it’s essential to have high quality results.

Aspera develops each data migration process in close cooperation with your IT team. Our SAM experts load and import existing purchase, contract and inventory data with a constant focus on quality and completeness. We offer:

  • Interface setup for the external systems collecting the license management data
  • System connectors that ensure transparent and seamless integration with
  • Expert support for moving and consolidating data from legacy or “island” systems
  • Scaled migration that transfers a subset of data first, then expands from there
  • Our proven specialization in global, decentralized organizations
  • A single centralized system for all your license management data


Data Services: Trust our experts

To ensure the highest confidence in data quality, Aspera can support your company with DQM services. Our professional team has special training and experience with countless data sources.

You get a dedicated team who actively monitors the flow of data. We analyze how licenses are used throughout the organization, and what drives and influences software purchases. Now your IT department can accurately plan its software investments. Learn more

Want more DQM? Our expert team will:

  • Give you proven strategies to prevent low quality data
  • Design custom KPIs to target weaknesses in the data 
  • Ensure audit-ready compliance and tangible cost savings
  • Plan software spending based on facts, not best guesses