Discovery & Scanning

Our system connectors are your box of SAM silver bullets

Discovery Friendly, Platform Agnostic

Get rock-solid connectors that talk to every important IT system.

Some companies tie a discovery tool into their Software Asset Management solution. Aspera doesn’t. Instead, we build rock-solid connectors into our SmartTrack platform that integrate with every important IT system, plus many of the lesser known ones.

There is no single silver bullet for software discovery. That’s why Aspera carries a box of them!

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A better way to handle discovery

There are already a lot of discovery, scanning and inventory solutions out there. But one discovery tool doesn’t fit all situations. At Aspera, we don’t want to add yet another for you to manage. So we built SmartTrack to work with all discovery tools, rather than building in some of those features. Here are the three big reasons.

Most likely, your company has discovery in place. In fact, you probably have many tools installed already. Why duplicate the effort? We focus our time and talents on building the best Software Asset Management solution, and leverage all the software discovery tools and discovery data already out there.

Discovery tools aren't always effective now. Traditional tools can't detect mobile, virtual server, or cloud usage. SmartTrack connectors talk to every modern device management system — such as MDM, VMM, and cloud providers — as well as the classic discovery tools for servers and client-side devices.

The real challenge is filtering (not gathering) the data. It’s very difficult to prepare data that is relevant for managing your licenses. That’s why our SmartTrack platform has precise rules that throw out the unnecessary data, and run quality checks on the important data to normalize it. We fix errors and complete missing data for the best license analysis.

Need a custom turnkey solution?

Do you need additional discovery to complete your Software Asset Management system? Aspera can offer industry-leading solutions such as OEM tools and plug-ins. We also develop turnkey interfaces for highly customized systems — just tell us what your company needs.

Our philosophy is to build a License Management platform that works seamlessly with every discovery, inventory, and device management system. That’s Aspera SmartTrack!