Metric Engines

We transform software data into SAM insights

Instant Intelligence with Metric Engines

SmartTrack’s Metric Engines adapt instantly to increasingly complex server metrics and the constant influx of new software products.

Remove the complexity of server licenses

Today’s enterprise IT environments are all about servers, and servers need software licenses. But licensing rules for server software are not straightforward, to say the least.

That’s why Aspera developed Metric Engines, an innovative demand-calculation technology that’s part of our SmartTrack platform. Our built-in engines are designed to optimize exactly how many licenses you need, crunching both complex server-side metrics and simpler client-side metrics.


Metric Engines instantly calculate what you need

Every license managed in SmartTrack — desktop or server — is linked to a Metric Engine that calculates how many licenses are needed for a specific software product, metric, and situation.

Client software: SmartTrack measures clear-cut metrics for desktops, laptops, and mobile. Each user, device, or installation requires one license.

Server software: SmartTrack measures metrics that are more complicated, such as type of virtualization or hardware attributes like sockets, cores, and PVUs.


The backbone of flexible, future-proof SAM

SmartTrack’s Metric Engines are directly linked to the Aspera Master Catalog, our industry-leading license database. When software publishers modify their existing license metrics, or introduce new products and new metrics, the catalog is updated by our dedicated team of specialists.

The Master Catalog continuously transfers these data records to SmartTrack, automatically updating the Metric Engines so they:

  • Get license demand in a click as each license managed in SmartTrack is linked to a Metric Engine that calculates what a product needs
  • Easily prove license compliance by following the publisher's specific metric rules, including virtualization, processor technology, and hardware configurations
  • Deliver immediate cost savings by considering the license entitlements when performing the calculation, so product use rights are applied accurately


Transform your Software Asset Management program with Aspera SmartTrack technology.

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