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Strategic SAM Simplified - Business Case

Every CIO agrees that keeping software spending and IT operating costs low is important. But often your SAM budget isn’t approved until the company has suffered the costs of a license audit.

Now IT managers can get the right information to decision makers ahead of time. Here are 5 great values from Aspera SmartTrack, the industry-leading platform for License Management.


5 Ways to Save with SmartTrack

1: Save with control over change management

It’s always a balancing act when new software versions are released. Our SmartTrack platform makes it easy to see which machines should be involved in change management and migrations, so unnecessary licenses are not issued.

The platform also brings transparency to your license upgrade rights. Your team can measure the cost savings achieved by using existing upgrade rights, or from purchasing less expensive upgrade licenses instead of full versions.


2: Save with audit-ready procedures

The right tools and processes will lower your audit risk while cutting costs. Our SmartTrack platform accurately reports the compliance position of your licenses, and gives you proven procedures for defending your company in an audit. Your savings can easily reach 7 figures as your team is able to:

  • Catch noncompliant situations early when they can still be corrected
  • Respond to audit letters and audit procedures with up to 50% less time and effort
  • Get a solid basis for challenging the auditors’ results — they are wrong sometimes! — and minimize paying fines or higher prices
  • Demonstrate that your company uses ITIL best practices, which greatly reduces your chances of future audits


3: Save with trimmed contracts and true-ups

Enter your contract negotiations with confidence. SmartTrack lets you know exactly what your enterprise needs now, and helps to accurately project what you will need later. That knowledge helps when negotiating contracts and volume discounts with vendors as you’re able to:

  • Uncover duplicate contracts and combine them to qualify for higher discounts in volume licensing
  • Reveal where inflated support agreements can be trimmed down to reflect actual license demand
  • Reduce support agreements upon renewal to match your real license demand
  • Efficiently manage applications for engineering, which are often tied to costly support agreements


4: Save with reclaimed and harvested licenses

Now you can avoid unnecessary license purchases. SmartTrack brings full transparency to your company’s software usage, including what is installed but unused.

When you have policies for uninstalling and re-issuing software, existing licenses are made available. In fact, approximately 50% of all requests for client software can be satisfied by reusing existing licenses.


5: Save with ITSM integration for license requests

Optimize your request system. Once SmartTrack finds spare or unused licenses, the platform integrates with your existing IT Service Management (ITSM) system so you can easily fulfill the software requests. Measure how much you save with cost avoidance and increased efficiency, as this system integration helps you to:

  • Track how many software requests are fulfilled through re-harvesting
  • Benchmark how many software requests are fulfilled each day through process automation versus the previous amount of time it took to respond
  • Make IT processes more efficient, because manpower costs money, and consolidating your effort reduces manpower