ServiceNow Integration

We transform software data into SAM insights

SmartTrack's ServiceNow Integration

When you need a full-featured platform to manage your company’s software licenses, it’s time for SmartTrack.

SmartTrack's ServiceNow Integration

The perfect fit of two market leaders

ServiceNow is hot right now. Everywhere you turn in the IT industry, large and enterprise-level companies are using ServiceNow for their software ticket requests.

The great news for SAM professionals is that ServiceNow is also a valuable source of information about assets. That’s where integration with Aspera SmartTrack comes in.

SmartTrack and ServiceNow enhance each other

SmartTrack ships with a built-in data connector for ServiceNow. Out of the box, SmartTrack can import ServiceNow data — including CMDB, software usage, user, cost center and location data — and quickly use that information to improve its license compliance reporting.

ServiceNow and SmartTrack provide equally essential but very different IT solutions. Together, the two platforms strengthen your IT landscape by sharing data.

SmartTrack doesn’t replace ServiceNow — it adds the missing full-featured License Management piece. The ServiceNow environment is also enriched as data quality and overall transparency are increased for ITAM and CMDB systems.

SmartTrack is ServiceNow certified

Our integration has been certified by ServiceNow for interoperability, security, performance, and best practices in design and implementation.

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What’s the difference between SmartTrack and ServiceNow?
SmartTrack = SAMServiceNow = ITSM
SmartTrack is part of Software Asset Management (SAM). The assets that we manage are the licenses that legalize your company’s software.

ServiceNow is part of IT Service Management (ITSM). The services that it manages are software and hardware orders and support tickets.

SmartTrack is your solution for end-to-end license management. Our platform is built from scratch to handle software licenses and product use rights, and database features that connect to every important discovery tool.

ServiceNow is your solution for end-to-end service management. It has leading-edge features for incidents, requests and changes, and a discovery module that gathers installation data.

SmartTrack analyzes the licenses you purchased and the software that you use. Then it then instantly calculates the licenses that you really need to be compliant. It also optimizes the way you use the licenses so you can save a lot of money.ServiceNow can count the software that is installed. But it can’t analyze whether the installations are used in a compliant way. And it doesn’t optimize how your company can pay for licenses more efficiently.

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