Software license management strategy simplified

Strategic SAM Simplified

Since 2000, we have simplified the complexity of Software Asset Management

Simplified Strategy for Software Asset Management

Our technology and expertise transform your software usage data into meaningful SAM insights

A strategic approach to license management

What is “Strategic SAM”? It’s Aspera’s innovative, comprehensive approach to the challenges of Software Asset Management. Our customers benefit from the combination of dedicated technology and a dedicated services team. Aligning strategy with resources is at the core of successfully managing your software licenses.

Aspera SmartTrack: The gold standard for software license management

Aspera SmartTrack license management

Over 16 years ago, when license management was just a twinkle in the IT world’s eye, Aspera developed the SmartTrack platform. It’s the foundation of our technology, giving you automatic, accurate license management for immediate savings and compliance.

SmartTrack puts vital license, contract and financial data at your fingertips, enabling you to allocate licenses correctly, and revealing high-risk compliance gaps before costly errors are made. With its web-based interface and built-in system connectors, SmartTrack can be scaled and integrated effortlessly into your existing IT landscape.

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SmartTrack Simulation: The future of SAM

Aspera SmartTrack simulation: the future of software license management

Every SAM team talks about cost savings and cost avoidance. SmartTrack Simulation 4 delivers it. Our new Simulation capabilities are a breakthrough in financial forecasting, enabling your company to stage potential server architectures that will maximize cost savings.

The Simulation goes deepest where the best savings are — in the data center — to endlessly analyze licensing possibilities for your server topologies, virtualization, hybrid, and cloud environments. Now you can make informed infrastructure decisions which have long-term cost effects.

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You can rely on us

Software license management expertise

Our team of dedicated experts keeps your SAM program growing. Because Aspera’s focus has always been on large organizations, we are seasoned in the specific challenges faced by enterprise-level systems.

Aspera experts can support your team with a wide range of services, quality assurance, and training. And when you don’t have the in-house staff to cover your program, our full-service License Management as a Service is ready to step in.