When Breaking Up is the Right Move: 5 SAM Tool Red Flags

Breaking up is hard to do. So, how do you know when it’s time to call it quits and move on to a partner who is better suited for your needs? It all depends on your threshold for pain – or in this case, your patience for losing time and money.

Here are five of the most common warning signs that you’re using the wrong Software Asset Management tool. If you’re experiencing one or more of these issues, it’s time to play the field and find a more appropriate match.

1. Too much manual effort

Let’s face it. Successful SAM is never an easy task. Like any fruitful relationship, an effective Software Asset Management platform requires time, effort and commitment – from both parties. If you feel like you’re doing all of the heavy lifting, you probably don’t have the right partner to achieve your Software Asset Management goals.

The right SAM tool should alleviate manual efforts, not increase them.

2. Unreliable support

Inadequate support is a roadblock for Software Asset Management. It’s hard to build a long term relationship with SAM vendors that don’t offer an in-house support team. Third-party support doesn’t provide consistency in customer care. If you don’t have dedicated support, valuable time is squandered working with constantly changing consultants who don’t understand your position or history.

Outsourced support can also mean slow response time.
This waiting game can halt projects – or make them endless. Time loss is no good for your SAM goals – and it weakens stakeholder support. Who wants to advocate for projects that never get finished or projects with uneven results?
Results and savings fuel SAM’s momentum. Your Software Asset Management will not grow without dedicated customer care and support from your tool provider. Project support should be supplemented by trainings and professional development from your SAM tool provider. Compliance is only the beginning. A reliable SAM partner will stay with you before, during and after implementation.

Aspera Knowledge Services covers full blown support, documentation, knowledge web and ongoing training.

3. Mysterious metrics

If a SAM tool is the wrong match, you’re more than familiar with the runaround. It can be frustrating to work with a tool that’s only a shell for third-party connections that don’t play nicely with each other. You’ve likely experienced poor documentation about translating entitlements and contracts, and the metrics behind licensing consumption calculations may be mysterious at best.

The right SAM tool cuts your manual efforts and features a seamless process of automated updates requiring minimal effort without any tweaking of data or disruption to your daily processes. You need a tool developed with solid, dependable code in its foundation. With full transparency and automation of licensing consumption metrics, a good SAM tool optimizes your license position and keeps you compliant, all while saving you valuable time and money.

4. Disappointing results

Before you dive into a long term relationship, it’s customary to date and get to know your potential future partner. The same holds true in the case of a Software Asset Management tool. If your SAM tool is not meeting promised expectations, you won’t be able to achieve milestones and target goals.
Performing a Proof-of-Concept (POC) before you commit to a SAM tool is critical. If you skip this step, the risk of empty promises and disappointing results is high.

A POC helps better identify your specific needs for a SAM tool and protect you from surprises later. In fact, Gartner recommends establishing your SAM tool requirements by performing a gap analysis of three use cases that highlight the data and functionality required to achieve compliance with selected ISV license schemes. The final stage of this process is running a SAM tool pilot to see actual results.

5. No scalability

As your company changes over time, it’s critical to have a SAM tool that scales with your growth. If you feel cramped by your tool’s lack of functionality, it’s time to open up that relationship and look for alternative solutions that are built to match your needs.

Partner with a SAM tool developed to meet your environment’s demands. If you require enterprise functionality, a Software Asset Management tool only built for Desktop isn’t a long term solution. Look for a partner that can handle complex Data Center needs, with the ability to thrive in a network environment composed of many different legacy designs and

Why Stay?

Making a clean break is never simple, but it won’t be as painful as staying with a tool that isn’t delivering. If you’ve been with your SAM tool for several years and you’re not feeling the love, a partner change might be the answer.

At its core, Software Asset Management drives cost savings across the organization using license optimization processes to secure compliance. You can’t build a SAM program with a broken tool.

We’ve got a proven track record of walking customers like you through the transition process. It’s why Aspera has a 97% retention customer rate. Tell us how we can help you achieve strategic SAM!

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