Sherry Irwin

Founder (1995) and President

An IAITAM Fellow, Sherry Irwin is the founder (1995) and President of Technology Asset Management Inc., and has over 30 years of experience in IT asset management (ITAM), including license, contract and vendor management, across a broad spectrum of industries. She is widely recognized as a pioneer, expert, educator and advocate in this maturing discipline.

As an advisory consultant and mentor, Sherry advises clients on ITAM best practices, with a focus on minimizing costs, minimizing risks, and maximizing benefits related to IT investments. She also conducts a series of educational workshops and seminars on various aspects of IT asset management including ITAM strategy and program development, software asset and license management (SAM), and contract management and vendor management (CVM).

Sherry is a former Gartner consultant (1989 to 1995) and a former advisor (2000 to 2003) to clients of Giga Information Group’s research and advisory service, as a Giga Expert and consultant. Prior to 1989, Sherry established and managed a centralized software asset management department at the Hudson’s Bay Company, responsible for software planning, procurement, budget and expense management, and associated policies and procedures. From 1977 to 1984, she was employed by Shell Canada, responsible for planning and implementation of information security and associated policies and procedures.

She holds certifications in CSAM, CHAMP, CSM, ASM, CTPS, and Verafirm Professional, and is the 1992 Founder and Chair of the Canadian IT Asset Management Users' Group (CITAMUG). Connect with Sherry at Sherry.irwin(at)

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