May 12, 2017

New Age of SAM: Landmark SaaS Optimization Solution For Salesforce

Aspera’s Rapid Vendor Analysis for Salesforce is a trail-blazing new service for cost optimization of Salesforce licenses that is guaranteed to improve cloud spend management. A first-of-its-kind technology, customers get a full, centralized visibility across Salesforce Orgs that identifies every usage and account to maximize cost savings and license optimization.

Directly access platform

The landmark technology is powered by Aspera’s LicenseControl for Salesforce, the initial launch of a new family of Software Asset Management products developed for license optimization in the cloud. It is the first product in the SAM industry to interpret metrics and user data from a SaaS provider. It then delivers the missing Salesforce usage overview for cost consolidation. LicenseControl for Salesforce can be used for all applications which access the platform.

Cloud spend rising

According to the market research institute Gartner, the cloud trend will affect more than $1 Trillion (USD) in IT spending by the year 2020. In order to learn more about our customers cloud needs, Aspera partnered with we.CONECT in February 2017 to ask companies about cloud product use.

Not surprisingly, 75% of respondents were already using cloud products, but only 33% had defined or established corresponding processes or policies – and of those, only 7% rated those processes as clear and efficient.

Download the full survey results

Control your cloud costs

Rapid Vendor Analysis for Salesforce closes this gap by providing a consolidated overview of all Salesforce Orgs, accounts, and usage. Data is then evaluated to develop a customized optimization plan.

SaaS solutions consume up to eight-digit sums due to a lack of transparency. Rapid Vendor Analysis can save at least 10% on your current contract volume, delivering a fully operational result with minimum effort.

With our analysis service for Salesforce, you get:

  • A consolidated view of all your Salesforce Orgs, accounts, users, and usage
  • Expert cost-saving advice tailored to your specific Salesforce needs
  • The transparency and expertise you need to make these savings reality

Stephan Pflanzer, Head of Development at Aspera, explains what makes Aspera’s method unique: “Our technology is adaptable, since we work based on connectors…Aspera can react to new cloud applications in a flexible manner. SaaS is a highly dynamic market and requires flexible future-proofed solutions.”

Test your Salesforce data

Get on-demand reports and an immediate overview of your Salesforce Orgs, accounts, usage, costs, and potential savings so you can:

  • Prepare for renewals with Salesforce
  • Negotiate better with a centralized view of all accounts
  • Reduce spend and optimize user accounts
  • Ensure cost savings with continuous analysis of inactive users
  • Unsubscribe users in order to minimize data loss

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