Mar 29, 2017

SmartTrack 4.2 is here! Cut time needed by 50% for Software Asset Management

We’re pleased to announce the newest release of our SmartTrack platform. Aspera SmartTrack 4.2 will dramatically reduce your Software Asset Management (SAM) costs and give deeper insights into your software licenses. The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study by an Independent Research Firm found a high impact of SmartTrack for software savings and IT efficiency.

Custom widgets, product history, and single sign-on

SmartTrack’s powerful new features include custom dashboard widgets, an easy view of every product’s license history, and a single sign-on for Aspera’s family of applications.

  • Ability to create custom widgets in the dashboard. Now you can create a dashboard that is role-specific, quickly view any urgent need for action, and establish the prerequisites for high quality data.
  • Tell-Me-More feature to view products’ license history. This one-of-a-kind feature shows the entire license history for every software product, including their complex license metrics. With the Tell-Me-More view, it’s easy to understand your company’s true license needs and the complexity of today’s license metrics.
  • Single sign-on for SAM Intelligence and LicenseControl for SAP. Sign in to your other Aspera applications while working in SmartTrack. SAM Intelligence meets the increasing demand for effective reporting, and LicenseControl for SAP answers all questions about SAP license management, particularly for "indirect access."

Start saving with SmartTrack!

More strategic insights for your ideal SAM

Stephan Pflanzer, our Head of Development, explains how the new 4.2 features guide you to your ideal SAM setup. He said, "The current version of SmartTrack gives you insights into your license situation using large quantities of data in the quickest time possible, even without prior experience using a SAM tool. This information can then be shared easily with others.”

A commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Aspera confirmed that "With SmartTrack, the compliance team reduced the time spent on reconciliations by 50% due to real-time, accurate license data, saving approximately one-third of its overall time.”

Watch the video and get the full case study!

Aspera is an international leader in the strategic approach to SAM, and SmartTrack is the industry-standard solution for large and enterprise companies to identify up to 30% savings and reveal high-risk compliance gaps.

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